Fool’s attitude

sokasthaana saharaani bayasthaana sathaani cha !

dhivasae dhivasae mootamaavisanthi na panditham!

Meaning :
Thousand reasons to feel worried,
hundred reasons to feel the fear – happens only in a fool.

The wise remains untouched.

NLP in the words Of Swami Vivekananda Post 5


The specialty of NLP is that you start from where you are;
fully accepting the way you are now, you figure out what you want to be;
in the process of getting what you want, NLP says,go by your experience,
& not simply by certain mental estimate.
Experience is authentic and experience alone makes you realize in full dimension;There is a saying “Experience is the greatest teacher”What you experience stays with you as memory and comes as a ready reckoner for reference.

That is why NLP emphasizes the need of ‘doing’ for understanding.

Decades before NLP said this, Swamiji says on EXPERIENCE.

I give here his own words,
“All human knowledge proceeds out of experience;
we cannot know anything except by experience.
All our reasoning is based on generalized experience;
all our knowledge is but harmonized experience.”  

(Complete Works Of Swami Vivekananda,Vol 2 page 226, Mayawati Memorila Edition, Advaita Ashram )
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NLP in the words of Swami Vivekananda Post 4

NLP for Mind Management

NLP , the science of Personal Achievement , stresses upon what is called as state of mind;
your response to life situation is based on your state of mind at that time.
If you are in happy & joyous state of mind, then a disappointment or a minor loss may not affect you so much as you would be at a time of discomfiture and disturbance.

If you are already disturbed, then a happy news from routine may not enthuse you so much.

It is your disposition that determines your response to life situation.

To say in NLP term, “How resourceful are you?”

Resourceful state of mind means a state of mind with spontaneous ‘can do’ attitude & enthusiasm

To well maneuver life situation a resourceful state of mind is recommended.
It is possible to create a needed state of mind .

This concept from NLP is well reflected in Swami Vivekananda’s words,
“If you are powerful enough you can divide your consciousness into twenty parts all at the same time. I am changing my psychology. Mind grows. That is what the yogis say. There is one passion and it rouses another, and the first one dies.
If you are angry and then happy , the next moment anger passes away. Out of that anger you manufactured the next state.
These states are always interchangeable.
Eternal happiness and misery are child’s dream.
The Upanishads point out that the goal of man is neither misery nor happiness, but we have to be master of that out of which these are manufactured.
We must be masters of the situation at its very root, as it were.”
( Ref Complete Works Of Swami Vivekananda Mayawati Memorial Edition, Advaita ASharama, Vol 1 page 432)

Like Swami emphasizes here, the secret of success lies in regulating your state of mind.
You can lean the art of Mind Management with the tools of NLP
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NLP in the words of Swami Vivekananda Post 3


Reticular Activating System – R A S – of Brain

Reticular Activating System is a function of the brain that filters the information that enters,
be it pictures, sounds, feelings.
Reticular Activating system sorts out what is important information
that needs to be paid attention to and ignores all others;
If this is not done brain would be overloaded with information to be processed
and efficiency may go down.

For example, you go to railway station to receive a person whom you know well,
and you wait at the entrance; you get to see hundreds of people walking out,
yet you are keen to spot only the face you have decided to acknowledge.
That means your brain automatically fails to register any other detail
except the one what you have commanded to notice.

You buy a car of a particular model & color;
suddenly on road you start noticing who else has the same model & color.
It now comes to your awareness;
How? Because now you are more associated to that model & color and
so your brain (RAS) notices and registers.
Energy flows in the direction of focus.
The concept is well explained in the words of Swami Vivekananda,

We see that the impression of any action, to which we attach ourselves, remains. I may meet hundreds of persons during the day, and among them meet also one whom I love; and when I retire at night, I may try to think of all the faces I saw, but only that face comes before my mind- the face which I met perhaps only for one minute, and which I loved; all others have vanished. My attachment to this particular person caused a deep impression on my mind than all other faces…. Most of the faces, perhaps, were entirely new about which I had never thought before, but that one face of which I got only a glimpse found association inside. (ref The Complete Works Of Swami Vivekananda, Mayawati Memorial Edition, Advaita Ashrama
VOL1 Page 56;)

Do you notice Swamiji’s explanation of Conscious awareness based on Vedanta is well reflected by NLP’s recognition of R A S?

More you can know on the parallel between Vedanta & NLP
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NLP in the words of Swami Vivekananda – post 2


V A K of NLP
According to NLP’s observation thinking does not happen as a linear activity
but more in terms of  pictures sounds and feelings.
Thinking predominantly for most of the people take place as images
inside the head along with words and/or sounds and feelings correspondingly.
The moment you say THINKING, then it is
KINESTHETIC THINKINGIt is impossible to think without V A K ..
You may verify this..

It is this point that Swami clearly emphhasizes based on Vedanta.
“My bretheren, we can no more think about anything
without a mental image than we can live without breathing.
By the law of association mental image calls upon the mental idea and vice versa.
That is why the Hindu uses external symbol when he worships.
He will tell you it helps to keep his mind fixed on the BEING he prays.”

(Complete Works Of Swami Vivekananda Mayavati Memorial Edition, Advaitha Ashrama,Vol 1 page 16)

Our Vedanta has understood human psyche millenniums before and
NLP today echos the Vedanta in revealing eternal truth.VRnlp helps you to realize truth

NLP in the words of Swami VIvekananda – Post 1


YOU here refers to your unique set of chromosomes, your abilities, traits, perception & experience.
NLP says go by your experience and feedback from within;
With regard to growth and development there is no universally applicable standard fitting all.
Each person’s experience may differ and each experience is true from the experiencer’s view.
This space is very much needed for authentic growth and development.

Substantiating this view I quote here Swami Vivekananda’s words

“Every man should take up his own ideal and endeavor to accomplish it. That is a surer way of progress than taking up other men’s ideals, which he can never hope to accomplish…. all the men and women, in any society are not of the same mind, capacity, or of the same power to do things; they must have different ideals, and we have no right to sneer at any ideal. Let every one do the best he can for realizing his own ideal. Nor is it right that I should be judged by your standard or you by mine. The apple tree should not be judged by the standard of the oak, nor the oak by that of the apple. To judge the apple tree you must take apple standard, and for the oak, its own standard.”
(Ref Complete Works Of Swami Vivekananda, Vol 1 page 41)

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NLP says Perception is Reality

A woman caller complained of son’s sudden indifference to studies
and also of disobedience.
She wanted me to have a sitting with her son to ‘correct him
with the help of NLP
I said to the mother that I share her concern for her son;
and I asked her what evidence she has now that makes her feel worried over ‘changed behavior’.
The son is 7th standard and all along he was scoring first rank and
now in the mid-term test he has scored only 50% in Maths;
and he does not come to take food immediately and he has to be goaded.

Upon inquiry I understood the mother has a 7 year old daughter also;
and of the two the mother gives more attention to the younger child,(daughter)
and the boy is instructed to take care of himself because he has sufficiently grown.

Now it is easy to identify where the issue lies.
The boy was receiving sufficient attention from his mother and
now he finds a changed attitude from his mother that has disappointed him;
he is upset and perhaps his efforts to demand his mother’s attention
would have been foiled  by the dictating mother.

From the angle of the mother son is at fault;
her perception is her reality;
To solve her problem, my role now is to make the mother understand how appropriate is her perception.
In fact she needs ‘correction’ to correct her son.

Like this mother we all carry a MAP OF REALITY, based on our perception & inference
and tend to judge the world based on the standard we create.
If it is appropriate then we feel comfortable and
if it is not appropriate we feel uncomfortable.

NLP says be flexible enough to modify your map.

Those who are flexible succeed and grow.
VRnlp helps you to succeed and grow.

வீண் எண்ணம் – vain intent

ஒரு பொழுதும் வாழ்வது அறியார் கருதுப
கோடியும் அல்ல பல
-குறள் 337

Man knows not his next moment
On crores of things he is intent

விளக்கம் : ஒரு வேளையாவது வாழும் தன்மையை அறியாதவர்கள்;
ஆனால் மனசுல மட்டும் கோடிக்கும் அதிகமாக கணக்கு செய்து எண்ணிக்கொண்டிருப்பர்.

Strange is human attitude; he does not know what he can do the next moment;
yet he talks of thousand & one possibilities and ways doing and achieving.
These people are paper tigers, arm chair achievers, trying to measure everything in words and analysis;
practically useless; and such people will keep on explaining away even failures as a conspiracy of the universe.

Thiruvalluvar here emphasizes being practically effective than theoretically efficient.




All business regardless of industry are created by building relationship.
Tony Robbins in his husky voice says,”Quality of life is determined by quality of relationship”
Success in life depends largely on how well you relate with others.Rapport is the bridge that helps a person you are in communication with find meaning in what you communicate.
The intent & content of your communication is well taken by a person with whom you have a rapport.
Rapport creates a feeling of trust and people gravitate towards those whom they trust.
Rapport helps someone feel comfortable with you and rapport creates a feeling of warmth and understanding
Rapport is simply a relation marked by harmony, conformity and affinity.
Rapport is the intelligent approach to influencing.
Rapport is a good feeling you get in the company of someone like you or you like.
Rapport is a bondage at unconscious level.

Without TRUST, relationship RUSTS.

Rapport building is not a long drawn process.
Rapport  can be quickly established by specific NLP techniques, the result of which is a win – win relationship
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