NLP through stories – story 9


It requested the saint to show him a way to escape from the threat.
The saint said,”you are a poisonous snake; so to protect them they try to threaten you;
if they know you wont bite them, they wont kill you. Promise me you wont bite; I will tell the villagers not to try to kill you”
The cobra promised so; the saint informed the villagers accordingly.
Everyone felt relieved;
only for a little while.
Now the snake was in the receiving end.
young boys started pelting stones at the snake for fun and thrill.
The snake was almost losing life gradually; not able to move; not able to eat; very pathetic.
Luckily for the snake the saint passing by that way noticing its pitiable condition enquired for the details;
The snake said,”you are the reason for my plight now; You took a promise from me that I will not bite anyone; so now boys are emboldened to hurt me easily,”
To which the saint replied, ” very sorry about it;  I told you not to bite;  but I did not say you should not raise your hood and hiss to frighten them to protect you”

Raising hood and expressing displeasure is perfectly correct in order to safeguard one’s interest;
broad-mindedness and grace should not become misplaced. Being assertive is important.
also the story highlights another valid point, it is that anything we come to know or learn we need to customize it to suit our need. Only then we can derive real benefit.

The key principle of NLP from this story is –
“Every behavior is useful in some context” 
It is the context that determines the utility of an expression or behavior.
Everything must be evaluated in the context of its happening & not just a blanket evaluation is thrust on it.
Everything is beautiful if it is in the right place.
According to NLP there is nothing inherently postive or negative about anything.
It is either appropriate or inappropriate in a given context.
Go by the context, not simply by some text

NLP through stories – Story 8


The barber in a shop had the habit of demonstrating an event to his customers.

From the house opposite to his shop the barber would call a school going boy and ask him, “my boy see on my left palm I have two coins (1 rupee coin) & on the right palm one coin (5 rupee coin). You can take those coins which has more value?”

The boy invariably was choosing 2 one rupee coins.

The barber would ask immediately why he chose that way.

The boy would say “two has more value than one”; so saying he would grab the two one rupee coins and run away.
The barber then would ridicule, “these days boys don’t have enough brains”

While this was a regular affair, one day one of the customers later met the boy and wanted to educate him to take 5 rupee coin than just 2 one rupee coin.

The boy in a hushed tone said,”Promise me you will not reveal to the barber what I am going to say now”;
there upon the customer promised and the boy said,
“Even though I know one 5 rupee coin has more value than 2 one rupee coins;
still I choose because so long as I demonstrate I am ignorant I will keep getting 2 rupees;
the day I prove my intelligence I will stop getting money”

One of the NLP principles is
“People make the best choice available to them”

The choice may not be appropriate according to your understanding
and you may criticize the same;
whereas if you sit with them to understand, you will come to know their wisdom
in choosing a particular behavior or coming to a particular decision.

Like Stephen Covey says “Seek first to understand; then be understood”
Always respect people’s choice.

VRnlp makes it happen

NLP through stories – story 7


The story very clearly indicate the level of understanding of the servant;
he evaluates the importance based on his exposure and experience only.
He bases his work & life as standard to judge the merit of action.

It is very clear from the story
The whole aim & intention of NLP is to increase the degree of awareness – within & without.
One needs to be aware of what is going on inside & outside; to be aware of outer & inner senses.

Increase your awareness level to increase your understanding level.
VRnlp makes it happen

NLP through Stories -Story 6


He was a beggar life-long;
he occupied a permanent place on a way where many people passed by.
He had regular inflow of money and led a contented life.
He always expressed his desire to get buried after his death in the place where he occupied.
His end came. Town people dug a pit to bury his body.
They found a huge sealed container,
breaking open they found treasury of gold & diamond.
Poor beggar not knowing what was with him,
he was begging for paltry money to simply exist. 


This is one of the fundamental beliefs of NLP.

Look within; the answer to your life’s problems lies there.

Those who listen to their intuition and depend on internal resources don’t have to regret.
You are already complete; then why keep searching outside. It is only a question of realization.
NLP facilitates effectively for this realization.
VRnlp makes it happen 

NLP though stories – story 5


A man came to a medical shop and asked for a medicine to stop hick-up.

The shop owner came near this man and gave a blow on his back.

“why did you beat me” the man asked the shop owner.
“Now the hick-up has stopped for you.Did you notice?” the shop-owner replied with curios anticipation  & appreciation for a very wise solution.

The man replied,” hick-up is not for me; it’s for my wife”

NLP does not assume what the subject wants and does not advice blindly.
Each person is unique and one of the principles of NLP is

In therapy, therapist is not supposed to assume what the subject wants.
Prudence lies in asking for what the subject wants, empathize with the subject, understand his need from ‘his map’ and offer suggestion appropriately.
NLP is a New Learning Procedure
VRnlp makes it happen.

NLP through stories – Story 4


Rykon was greatly interested in Zen learning. So he entrusted his entire business & proceeds to his only son-in- law. He went in search of enlightenment.

whereas his son-in-law was not disciplined; he became a spend-thrift and squandered the money through unhealthy habits. People around were concerned with  saving at least whatever is left over.
They sent word to Rykon to come back and advise his son-in-law and save the remaining property.

Rykon jouneyed back a long distance; he spent a day with his son-in-law and daughter.
He did not much advise or enquire on property loss or in-disciplined life.

When he was about to leave, Rykon requested his son-in-law to tie his shoe lace.
When the son-in-law was tying the shoe lace, Rykon in a gentle voice said to this son-in-law,
” Life does not remain the same; see how withered I have become; not even able to tie my shoe lace easily; so be careful with your body and save your health; life is important”
The son-in-law got the message and thereafter led a proper life.

Like how Rykon did NLP also does not unnecessarily dig open the past
and analyse to understand a past event,
rather focuses on solution  or in other words outcome needed by the subject.
NLP is outcome oriented, rather result oriented.
NLP takes you from where you are to where you want to go.
NLP is a very powerful tool to get what you want.
VRnlp makes it happen.

NLP through stories -story 3

An ardent student wanted to see The Buddha
and so with all eagerness approached a Zen master
and demanded to meet the Buddha.
The master immediately replied,
” On your way back home now notice
who is wearing pair of slippers wrongly;
that person is the Buddha”
The disciple felt thrilled
and on his way back home
he was carefully noticing everyone passing by
and invariably found everyone was wearing slippers correctly.
It was a great disappointment for him
and with tired feeling knocked at the door of his house.
His mother noting his son had come rushed to open the door;
The student found his mother was wearing her slippers interchanged,
right on left foot & left on right foot wrongly,
realized immediately  his mother was The Buddha and  fell at her feet.

The moral of the story is very evident here.
The student not realizing Buddha has been with him searched everywhere outside;
equally we all have the true wisdom already with us
and we do not realize this and keep seeking everywhere outside.
Look within; the answer to all your life’s queries are within.
External world is only a suggestion or hint;.
Believe in your intrinsic value & worth.

One of the principles of NLP is –
“People already have all the resources they need”
VRnlp helps you realize this

NLP through stories -story 2


A blind man refused to believe there was light in the world;
people around him tried hard to make him accept.

The blind man asked,” how will light feel? what sound light makes? how does light smell? what is its taste ?”
People were saying he was a fool.
They referred the matter to The Buddha.
The wise one said,” Given him eye sight first; rest is assured”
Like he Buddha said through proper treatment he was given vision.
The man with new vision said,” What a bright world!”

NLP says people can respond based on their perception only;
based on their understanding of reality only.
If they have to be made to understand & accept a thing,
put it in the way they can understand, not in the way you understand.
This particular way of receiving and responding is called “MAP’
The belief of NLP is ‘People respond to their map of reality’ 

This story also highlights another NLP principle,
“we process all information through our senses”

MAP as I say is “Mind’s Assimilation Process’

NLP teaches you the way to understand how people understand.
VRnlp teaches you that MAP

NLP through stories- Story 1


Disciples complained to the Guru,
‘O Master! You have been telling us a number of stories
but you don’t share with us the moral of the story. Why?”

The guru replied, “Yes … I will explain.
When I give you fruits to eat,
what if I give you chewed bits for you??”
The disciples understood. 

The story clearly indicates here a parallel to NLP’s attitude.

NLP wants you to go by your understanding and experience based on feedback, and do not take things for granted.

NLP respects every individual and recommends being authentic by verifying facts with personal experience especially on matters pertaining to behavior modification belief change.

One of the principles of NLP is “To understand, do”