NLP is no medical treatment


NLP is not a panacea for illness

Sometime before I received a number of phone calls from desperate seekers of remedy for their prolonged disease and enquired for NLP treatment from me.

I was shocked.

People suffering from cancer, stroke, and high blood sugar, severe back pain, psoriasis, asthma, spondylitis, brain deficiency called up & wanted cure from their suffering with the help of NLP.

I was really taken aback .

I asked them who said NLP could cure all these diseases;

Invariable answer was a TV program highlighted NLP had ways to cure any physiological problem.

“Did the program say the way they would be cured? I asked them; They said NO

What a misleading presentation!

I did not watch the program; I am not able to comment on the content of the program. Yet the impression I get is the promoters of NLP through the TV program have projected an image that NLP can cure physiological problems too.

Far from truth.

Neurolinguistic programming has been used to change the limiting beliefs of patients about their prospects of recovery from a wide variety of medical conditions including Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, migraines, arthritis, and cancer. NLP has also been used to treat allergies.

NLP is particularly popular in the self-improvement and career-development fields, and some trainers and practitioners have little experience in its use for healing. Because NLP is intended to enhance the healing process, it should not be used independently of other healing methods. In all cases of serious illness, a physician should be consulted.

NLP at best can help patient address psychological issues relating to or resulting in physiological problems.

In case of acute physiological problems taking advice from registered medical practitioners is the right approach

NLP is not alternate medicine or alternative to medicine.