3 S of SucceSS

3 S of success

Success is truly a magnetic word.

Success is what everyone wants in life.

Success is what people strive for.

Success is what lures people.

Success is what satisfies people.

Success is what is mysterious to people.

Indeed it is very difficult to figure out what success is for the simple fact that SUCCESS means different things to different people; and also means different things to the same person in different context.

Is Success an attainment or a feeling of attainment?

Also the path that led a man to success may not be the precisely suited path for another man.

Each must find one’s own road to Success.

That is why one finds so many success secrets openly shared; so many success sutras chanted.

While Success means different things to different people and there is no precise definition of the word Success, yet Success calls for a particular methodology to attain it.

Underlying all success you will find one factor common.

That common factor is what the 3 S present in SucceSS say.

 S =  S + S + S


SINCERITY – The fundamental for anything & everything in life is ‘Sincerity’. To be sincere to the cause is essential for not only success but progression also.  If you are sincere ‘Universal Intelligence’ also collaborates with you to accomplish your task.

SKILL – Without skill progression is unfocussed & indefinite. Skill is what makes the difference in the way a task is done; Yoga is SKILL in action says Sri Krishna.

STRATEGY – The methodology to reach a desired goal is important; otherwise you will get stuck with unfulfilled desire; your skill becomes a burden; your desire becomes guilt. Frustration leaves distaste for the whole effort.

Strategy can be outsourced entirely;

Skill can be imbibed by proper training & practice

Sincerity is something one has to bring from within; there is no class or course to impart sincerity. Sincerity is self made; being true is more an attitude.  For want of sincerity skill gets frittered away; for want of sincerity strategy remains un-utilized or under-utilized; If one is sincere skill & strategy will reach automatically in due course of time.
Success is truly a success if only the attempt is made with all sincerity; only then you get lasting success ..

To succeed with NLP you need all the ‘3 S’.
Hence in order to be successful in one’s own terms  employ the ‘3 S’ in right proportion.

Nothings succeeds like SucceSS!!