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Integrate NLP

NLP is not a study material Only this 3 letter word NLP fascinates people, not even the full name Neuro-Linguistic Program. People enroll for NLP course; go through the motion of the training. During the process of participating in activities of the NLP course where a lot of work is about going within, seeing within, […]


I  C A N I CAN is a very powerful statement I CAN sends message of confidence conviction & the drive to make ‘it’ possible by sheer will or power or faith Even a casual utterance of I CAN can have a magical consequence of energizing our psyche. I CAN is positive thinking; I CAN […]


If you apply this I S E E K formula the universe will definitely seek you to fulfill your wish.
“If you SEEK me, I SEEK you” says the UNIVERSE

possible delusion

Success need not come from hard work only;
struggle does not mean hint for success.
Failure is no stepping stone to success.

why the cry to stop try ?

Try comes to mean euphemistically I may not do
Try comes to mean I am not certain; I don’t promise.
Try comes to mean a non-committal response.

? Pain seems to motivate better

Once your experience is sensory based as seeing hearing feeling it becomes certain for you that you are sure to get the result you want.


The fact is a person suffering from fear is conscious of what to do, but not conscious enough how to do.

Myth about EPS

Effectiveness in everyday communication is more important than effectiveness in public communication on an occasional event.