A number of training organizations of late have included NLP as a methodology for imparting skills.

There are a number of organizations that have come about to conducting NLP workshops.
In one sense it is a very good indication of more & more are getting into the awareness of NLP.

While this is a positive development, the flip side is ‘which is best nlp training?’
It is the fact that there is no regulatory body to offer a standardized course for imparting NLP Skill.
There is no standard syllabus to qualify a person undergoing NLP training as NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner.

The certificates issued as ‘CERTIFIED’ NLP practitioner or ‘CERTIFIED’ NLP Master Practitioner are more a mere certification for participation guaranteeing that the claimant has undergone  NLP training course for a particular number of days with the certificate issuing organization.
There are a number of training companies affiliated to an organization in UK/USA claiming authenticity based on ‘’direct disciple/ descendants’ of original founders of NLP; and also the claim ‘the only approved certifying body’.

So the issue for seekers of NLP training is – ‘which is BEST NLP TRAINING’ course?

It is very tricky to clearly specify.

Yet a few guidelines-

1) Look for what you want from NLP and check if the NLP training organization can provide

2) Talk to the trainers of NLP and enquire to your satisfaction before deciding

3) Give space for going wrong, in the sense, you may be disappointed after the NLP training program  with the chosen organization; you must be ready to take it in your stride and get going in your learning through NLP

Exploring NLP is in fact an exploration of oneself. It is a journey of self discovery. Hence you must be willing to be patient and keep exploring with the help of NLP.

A few points I wish to share that may serve as guidelines.

1) There is no apex body that centrally recognizes any NLP certification.

2) Each organization unto itself.

3) Certificates are not certificates of merit or ability as per regulation

4) There is no mandate that one can practice NLP or teach NLP if only one is certified to do so with NLP

5) Certificate is no guarantee for instant recognition or immediate opportunity for training.

6) Beware if any trainer/ organization claim that he/she has changed people’s life and guarantees ‘your life will never be the same after our program’

7) Fire-walk/glass walk are not NLP trainings

8) Seek for referrals before enrolling for NLP course.

9) Benefit from NLP is more in doing internalizing and implementing than merely claiming (that I belong to so & so)

10) Check if the organization allows space for your query & enquiry and facilitate you to interact from a position of authenticity and integrity.

Best NLP training is more a matter of subjective experience than objectively verifiable external factors.

You are your best judge and finally go by your gut feeling to decide on