Thoughts on COMMITMENT
(as shared from random readings, hence source not known)

  • Commitment is giving all that you have to get all that you want
  • A true commitment is the focusing of energy toward a purpose or cause
  • Commitment is doing rather than saying
  • Commitment is persevering & continuing to pursue your vision in spite of distraction hardship criticism & risk
  • Commitment is not a vague promise to yourself that you will do something
  • Commitment is doing something because you believe it is right for you to do it
  • Commitment like confidence is a special kind of thinking, a single minded sense & purpose that is fuelled by the energy of personal vision
  • Commitment is something you live & love
  • Everything you do is a reflection of your commitment
  • No one can help you overcome a lack of commitment to your own life
  • If you don’t have it no one can provide for you
  • Honoring commitment is honoring oneself