?Are we getting the result we want by being positive?

Are we getting the result we want by being positive?

Positive thinking is expected to bring in positive result, in other words the expected result.

Does it give expected result all the time if not most of the time for all who carefully nurture positive thoughts despite  failing many times?

What could be the reason? Is it our fault in not having generated enough positive thinking?
 Can we say by the ‘negative’ result that our strategy was not right?

Can we say we are not fortunate enough to get what we want?

Can we say we are a cursed lot to suffer from what we don’t want?

Yes we have the right to conclude in whatever way we want.

All these are only interpretations we make based on the meaning we give to the outcome.

Yet what is the fact? What could be the reason that we don’t get what we want?
We don’t get as we want? We don’t get at the time we want?

Let me give an ‘INTELLIGENT’ answer.

Yes the answer is based on INTELLIGENCE.

We know we have body intelligence which governs the functioning of the body and the body responds & reacts to stimuli from outside; we have automated body functions governed by this intelligence.

Equally we know the world is moving in order; moving in harmony;

There is a larger wisdom that governs the movement of this cosmos and everything happens to maintain the equilibrium in this massive world.

I repeat everything happens to maintain the equilibrium in this massive world.

Hence you life effort, the result of effort – everything is governed based on the law of equilibrium.

Now the tricky question is

– “Some are leading a rich life, how? Some with not so much of ability or expertise seem to be leading a very rewarding life, how? How is it that a person with real talent is languishing in difficulties and does not seem to be in  lime light at all?

These are definitely intriguing questions.

The answer is it is the way the world order has designed.


Let me give an example

How many litres of milk are required to make one kg of butter?  20 litres

How many oranges are required to make one litre of orange juice?  15 oranges

How many flowers must honey bees tap to make one pound of honey? 2 million flowers

How many sperm cells travel to reach embryo though only one is needed to fertilize an egg?

About 500 millions


For one kg butter 20 litres of milk; does it mean major portion of milk is waste?

For just one litre of juice 15 oranges; does that mean the pulp is now a waste?

If just one sperm cell is sufficient then why 500 million in one ejaculation?

Not so,

See the massive effort nature makes to produce a masterpiece!!

It is all a part of nature’s design.


Looking at the world event from that perspective where you and I also form part of it, if people are succeeding marginally or phenomenally which are all relative in comparison, everything happens according to an order.

So if there are celebrities, outstanding achievers, exceptional performers, and crorepathis then they are so because crores of others equally capable, though not drawing money or fame like them, are making them so according to universal order.

Ambanis’ Adanis’ Bill Gates’ are possible because of so many nameless & faceless achievers in their own way but not equally recognized or rewarded like them.

Celebrate life because of you there are outstanding achievers & celebrities as per the design of world order.

The world is a beautiful place to live because you are living!

Keep aspiring! Keep doing! Get going!
Because of you the earth revolves, sun & moon shine, stars twinkle.

 You are the reason because you are complete whole & perfect

You are a miniature moving cosmos.

nlp cure

NLP is no medical treatment


NLP is not a panacea for illness

Sometime before I received a number of phone calls from desperate seekers of remedy for their prolonged disease and enquired for NLP treatment from me.

I was shocked.

People suffering from cancer, stroke, and high blood sugar, severe back pain, psoriasis, asthma, spondylitis, brain deficiency called up & wanted cure from their suffering with the help of NLP.

I was really taken aback .

I asked them who said NLP could cure all these diseases;

Invariable answer was a TV program highlighted NLP had ways to cure any physiological problem.

“Did the program say the way they would be cured? I asked them; They said NO

What a misleading presentation!

I did not watch the program; I am not able to comment on the content of the program. Yet the impression I get is the promoters of NLP through the TV program have projected an image that NLP can cure physiological problems too.

Far from truth.

Neurolinguistic programming has been used to change the limiting beliefs of patients about their prospects of recovery from a wide variety of medical conditions including Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, migraines, arthritis, and cancer. NLP has also been used to treat allergies.

NLP is particularly popular in the self-improvement and career-development fields, and some trainers and practitioners have little experience in its use for healing. Because NLP is intended to enhance the healing process, it should not be used independently of other healing methods. In all cases of serious illness, a physician should be consulted.

NLP at best can help patient address psychological issues relating to or resulting in physiological problems.

In case of acute physiological problems taking advice from registered medical practitioners is the right approach

NLP is not alternate medicine or alternative to medicine.



NLP -Instant Pattern break

NLP -Thought Pattern -Instant Break

I have heard people complain that their mind is trespassed by unwanted thoughts and they feel upset about. They say they are helplessly imprisoned by thought patterns..
Some feel upset or anguished at times and see no way of getting out of it at that time.

You must have heard people say or you could have experienced this situation, like, an important client meeting ; you are well prepared yet at that time a mild or perceptible  anxiety or fear passing through you and also you wish you get out of it somehow.

·         Lub-dub before an audience
·         Flutter when entering boss cabin
·         Anxiety over delay of expectation
·         Upset feeling hearing a disappointment
·         Teasing memory of an unpleasant event
·         Compulsive seeking of  unwanted
·         Any kind of inappropriate thinking you want to get out

Will power does not come to rescue at times crisis.

It is our habitual response pattern that holds us sway at those critical moments..

Unconscious patterns are often deep rooted and easily influence behavior; they have a power over reasoning or rational choice.

The usual methods of contemplation & correction do not come handy at times of crisis need of alternate emotion or state of mind.

Is there a way out to quickly gain the required state of mind?
NLP, the Psychology of personal change & excellence offers an effective tool to gain the state of mind you want;
you can easily push out the unwanted thinking and protect yourself from getting teased time & again

It is a very powerful tool to instantly break the unwanted thought pattern and establish the needed frame of mind or mind set.

It is instant just in 20 seconds you can shift your mood

It is also very handy to do.

You don’t require any special place or pose or position to do this.

All you need is your palms and the use of your palms.

Here is the 4 Step pattern

Suppose you are slightly anxious and you want to be calm, here is how you do

Step 1: (seeing your palms say within) I SEE my palms

Step 2: (Rubbing your palms swiftly) I HEAR my palms rubbing

Step 3: (Feeling the heat generated) I FEEL the heat in my palms

Step 4:  (4th step you put forth what you want) I am now CALM & RELAXED

You will be amazed to find that you get the needed state of mind instantly.

These 4 steps must be done in the order mentioned here for benefit.

How long should one do?
As long as one wants it;
as often as needed;

4th statement is the needed state; you must specifically mention what you need.( not what you don’t need)

Keep doing this whenever you need to break current thinking pattern.

This tool is handy & very effective.

Best Wishes !


AFFIRMATIONS for various occasions


  • I possess supreme confidence that provides me best opportunities in life.
  • I unleash the forces of my mind; I release creative imagination and aim for the highest.
  • I am capable of dealing with the present and well prepared for the future.
  • I become the shaper of my mind, my beliefs, and my life.
  • I confidently expect to attain my life’s goals.
  • I fill my subconscious mind with mental picture of success;
    my subconscious mind fills my life with success.
  • Day by day in every way I am becoming a positive person and a prosperous person.
  • I well manage people
  • I well manage problem
  • I well manage life
  • I well manage myself
  • I apply imaging concept steadily and systematically; it solves my problems, strengthens my personality, improves my health and greatly enhances the chances of success in any kind of endeavor.
  • I have the necessary inner drive to take me forward.
  • I have deep seated belief in my inner worth.
  • I enjoy the fruits of my labor.
  • I take conscious effort to upgrade the quality of my life.
  • I use constructive self talk every day.
  • I take right decision.
  • I am well within my time and can make up.
  • I am brisk bright & charming.
  • Every speech every word every movement is precise and certain.
  • I radiate confidence.
  • I am assertive in behavior.
  • I always have a sense of achievement.
  • I have vigor endurance & extra-ordinary energy.
  • I can; I do; I accomplish.
  • I greet every day, every new day with a firm commitment to raising my confidence.
  • I do whatever that is required to become more confident.
  • I can do all things through God who strengthens me.
  • I demonstrate my brilliance at spotting opportunities for growth.
  • I am highly motivated to look for opportunities.
  • I meet every day with a firm commitment to raising my standard.
  • The power to shape my future is within me.
  • My sub conscious mind reveals my future.
  • The answers to my questions are in my subconscious mind.
  • I look within & get the answers.
  • Every tissue, every vein, every blood vessel, every atom of my body is filled with a special knowledge of self development.
  • My future is exciting & my potential for economic success is unlimited.
  • My life is a portrait of a believer, possibility thinker.
  • I am an optimistic person.
  • I am an enthusiastic person.
  • I am enthusiastic about anything that I do.
  • I am a natural goal achiever.
  • I always take care of details.
  • I am open to new ideas.
  • I am dependable.
  • I am blessed with natural talent.
  • I am motivated & inspired.
  • I have the power to organize, power to make things happen, power to generate income.
  • I am calm & firm in all my interactions today.
  • Whoever listens to me realizes his inner worth & feels touched and uplifted.
  • I am decisive determined and ceaselessly energetic.
  • I get all the needed support from right people at the right time in the right way



The much abused word in motivational messages or thoughts is

Often repeated statement is
“IMpossible – I(a) M POSSIBLE”

This is repeated or stated as an institutionalized slogan than an inspired truth;

Feeling thrilled over a mere intellectual acknowledgement of ‘nothing is impossible’ and repeating  it like a parrot seems a bit odd; sometimes irritating too.

There seems to be a delusion over this word;
and a feeling of guilt is inadvertently planted in mind’s of people that
to say impossible is wrong, nay a crime.

This is far from truth.

It is not wrong to acknowledge and accept a few as impossible.
It is not wrong to admit something is impossible according to you.
There is no need for everything to become possible in your life.
Even what you want to have and that seems impossible at that time, it is ok to acknowledge and carefully weigh the ways of making it happen than rushing to get hyped(deluded) by any motivational methods .

Nothing is possible
I am doing NOTHING many a times.


Die Hard Pessimist?

Die hard pessimist?

In my recent NLP workshop I had an interesting experience.

It was an eye opener for me; a little challenging too.

I was deliberating on presuppositions (principles) of NLP.

One of the presuppositions is “if one can do, anyone can do”

This principle is the basis for modeling, the very core principle of NLP.

Based on this belief if one can attempt to copy an achiever, chances of succeeding in the attempt are very high.

It is no high five stuff peculiar to NLP; it is the way species on earth including man learn from predecessor.
Watch children how they learn to imitate parents;
you go to a new place, you are not sure of the custom of people there,
you watch for some time and start following the most popular practice.

NLP has taken this as one of its principle.

In fact presuppositions of NLP are taken to be true and proceeded to verify the validity.
In most cases the belief turns out to be true.

Now this person in my workshop refused to accept “If one can do anyone can do”;
he said, “Not all can become CEO of an organization; not all can become President; a person with lower IQ cannot achieve like a person with higher IQ”

He is very strong in his conviction.
His belief system says clearly to him that achievement, success is all possible only for a select few who are brainy.

I could not make him understand due to time constraint considering the purpose & focus of the workshop.
I have decided to spend time with him to make him understand an alternate empowering way that this presupposition suggests.

At the same time he has given me an opportunity to understand the map of ‘these’ die hard pessimists & find ways to enter their map.   In what way I can match them to mismatch or in what I can pace to lead them to empowerment.

The point here is if one can do something any one can do the same thing or even better;
at the same time it is not compulsory that we should do that same task for the sake of this saying.

The words POSSIBILITY & PROBABILITY are not synonymous.

The presupposition here ‘If one can do any one can do” says of the POSSIBILITY of repeating the task;
it is not impossible; if one determines to do the task it can become a reality sooner or later;
it is all a question of time & effort & perseverance.
We may differ in our ability to accomplish the task;
there may be variance in the pace of doing the task;
people with skill shrewdness may complete it faster,
people with lesser acquaintance may take more time,
yet it is possible to do the task; perhaps the price to be paid may be more.

At the same time the probability of a task happening in a given circumstance may be nil;

For example in a democratic set up every citizen of the country has the right to become PRESIDENT of the country.
Here we say of POSSIBILITY; yet given the circumstance not all have the probability of becoming PRESIDENT.

It is common sense that unless we believe that it is possible for us to do we will not even attempt at doing anything new or learn anything new.

This principle is relevant to our every day context and it is human to dream within the realms of one’s experience & calculation.

If Abdul Kalam became the President of India, even I can become given the time, effort & resource;
yet I don’t need to choose to become President; or even if I choose to become one I may not become immediately;
yet it is not that I can’t become.

If we have this understanding a lot we can do in life.

Coming to this person’s conviction I only said
‘‘You are right; like many can decide to be in status quo, you too can be so, by your choice’

“If one can do anyone can do to succeed & grow”

snake swami

NLP through stories – story 9


It requested the saint to show him a way to escape from the threat.
The saint said,”you are a poisonous snake; so to protect them they try to threaten you;
if they know you wont bite them, they wont kill you. Promise me you wont bite; I will tell the villagers not to try to kill you”
The cobra promised so; the saint informed the villagers accordingly.
Everyone felt relieved;
only for a little while.
Now the snake was in the receiving end.
young boys started pelting stones at the snake for fun and thrill.
The snake was almost losing life gradually; not able to move; not able to eat; very pathetic.
Luckily for the snake the saint passing by that way noticing its pitiable condition enquired for the details;
The snake said,”you are the reason for my plight now; You took a promise from me that I will not bite anyone; so now boys are emboldened to hurt me easily,”
To which the saint replied, ” very sorry about it;  I told you not to bite;  but I did not say you should not raise your hood and hiss to frighten them to protect you”

Raising hood and expressing displeasure is perfectly correct in order to safeguard one’s interest;
broad-mindedness and grace should not become misplaced. Being assertive is important.
also the story highlights another valid point, it is that anything we come to know or learn we need to customize it to suit our need. Only then we can derive real benefit.

The key principle of NLP from this story is –
“Every behavior is useful in some context” 
It is the context that determines the utility of an expression or behavior.
Everything must be evaluated in the context of its happening & not just a blanket evaluation is thrust on it.
Everything is beautiful if it is in the right place.
According to NLP there is nothing inherently postive or negative about anything.
It is either appropriate or inappropriate in a given context.
Go by the context, not simply by some text


NLP through stories – Story 8


The barber in a shop had the habit of demonstrating an event to his customers.

From the house opposite to his shop the barber would call a school going boy and ask him, “my boy see on my left palm I have two coins (1 rupee coin) & on the right palm one coin (5 rupee coin). You can take those coins which has more value?”

The boy invariably was choosing 2 one rupee coins.

The barber would ask immediately why he chose that way.

The boy would say “two has more value than one”; so saying he would grab the two one rupee coins and run away.
The barber then would ridicule, “these days boys don’t have enough brains”

While this was a regular affair, one day one of the customers later met the boy and wanted to educate him to take 5 rupee coin than just 2 one rupee coin.

The boy in a hushed tone said,”Promise me you will not reveal to the barber what I am going to say now”;
there upon the customer promised and the boy said,
“Even though I know one 5 rupee coin has more value than 2 one rupee coins;
still I choose because so long as I demonstrate I am ignorant I will keep getting 2 rupees;
the day I prove my intelligence I will stop getting money”

One of the NLP principles is
“People make the best choice available to them”

The choice may not be appropriate according to your understanding
and you may criticize the same;
whereas if you sit with them to understand, you will come to know their wisdom
in choosing a particular behavior or coming to a particular decision.

Like Stephen Covey says “Seek first to understand; then be understood”
Always respect people’s choice.

VRnlp makes it happen

subconscious 1

NLP through stories – story 7


The story very clearly indicate the level of understanding of the servant;
he evaluates the importance based on his exposure and experience only.
He bases his work & life as standard to judge the merit of action.

It is very clear from the story
The whole aim & intention of NLP is to increase the degree of awareness – within & without.
One needs to be aware of what is going on inside & outside; to be aware of outer & inner senses.

Increase your awareness level to increase your understanding level.
VRnlp makes it happen

medical shop

NLP though stories – story 5


A man came to a medical shop and asked for a medicine to stop hick-up.

The shop owner came near this man and gave a blow on his back.

“why did you beat me” the man asked the shop owner.
“Now the hick-up has stopped for you.Did you notice?” the shop-owner replied with curios anticipation  & appreciation for a very wise solution.

The man replied,” hick-up is not for me; it’s for my wife”

NLP does not assume what the subject wants and does not advice blindly.
Each person is unique and one of the principles of NLP is

In therapy, therapist is not supposed to assume what the subject wants.
Prudence lies in asking for what the subject wants, empathize with the subject, understand his need from ‘his map’ and offer suggestion appropriately.
NLP is a New Learning Procedure
VRnlp makes it happen.