Myth about EPS


Myth about EPS skill

 EPS is acronym for Effective Public Speaking.

Often the efficacy of effective public speaking skill is overrated.

No doubt all great leaders are powerful communicators.

Does that mean all popular & great leaders without exception had an impeccable and immaculate oratorical skill?

Stupid analogy

I wish to share an interesting analogy, a trainer for soft skill used in order to convince a group of audience on the need for developing public speaking skill. He called out a volunteer. The volunteer came.

The trainer asked the volunteer, “How would you feel if I keep bag of 100 bricks on your head?”

Volunteer replied, “very heavy; but still can manage”

Trainer, “what if I keep removing bricks gradually and finally you are left with only brick on your head?”

Volunteer, “Very light pleasant & easy” (with a conspicuous expression of relief)

Trainer said, “yes.. Same way if you can confidently speak in front of 100 people, you can easily talk to one person”

What would you say on this analogy??

Talking to 100 people and talking to one person- are they same in the process of communication?

Is not public speaking a monologue and a one to one conversation/communication a dialogue?

Are not the intonation & physiology different in both the context?

I say with emphasis that the efficacy of effective public speaking skill is overrated.

In order to be successful in life one need not necessarily have public speaking ability.

What EPS cannot do automatically?

Overcoming the fear of public speaking

-does not automatically make you a ‘fearless person’,

-does not automatically make you shed inhibitions & fear entirely from life?

– does not automatically make you a pleasing person?

-does not make you a strategic & charismatic leader?

– does not make you automatically successful in life?

Politicians are great orators. Yet I am sure many would agree their speeches are empty sounds, may be momentarily entertaining.


Does everyone need?

Effective Public speaking skill is needed only for those who have the need for addressing meetings on an ongoing basis as a part of their life activity.

Yet public speaking is not a needed daily activity for everybody.

When something is not needed why carry with you? Is it not a burden?

Everyone does not need to be an effective public speaker? It is not necessary to overcome fear only from overcoming fear of public speaking.



It is a misnomer to say that an effective public speaker is an effective communicator.

Many of such persons fail in one to one conversation;

They mostly fail to pay attention to the respondent;

They have the urge to only impress the respondent with verbal gymnastic or manipulate with word play.

In my observation an effective communicator has a greater degree of empathy & respect for the respondent than a person who is fearless about public speaking.

Everyday communication is to strengthen heart more than just reach ears


EPS is not the only way

It is being regularly injected into minds of gullible seekers of self development that EPS is a must for effectiveness in communication.

While overcoming the fear of public speaking may give a person a feel good factor or may give a raise in self esteem and also a sense of accomplishment, it is not a fool proof way to overcome shyness and the only way to raise self confidence.

EPS is not the only way to develop effectiveness in communication.

On the contrary over dependence on EPS is counterproductive to effectiveness in everyday communication.

Learn the skill of public speaking; don’t lean on the effectiveness of public speaking alone.


Art of Effective Private Speaking

On any given day we all spend more time in private conversation/communication than group communication.

This one to one communication makes or breaks our day, relationship and in the process our life

Is not clear from this that we need to develop the art of private speaking?

You, as a reader of this article, start appreciating this view

Effectiveness in everyday communication is more important than effectiveness in public communication on an occasional event.

Let’s make this world a beautiful place to live by developing responsible communication skill.

Develop the ART OF PRIVATE SPEAKING SKILL.                          


“An empathetic ear is more effective in communication than an eloquent mouth”