NLP 101-Self Mastery

  • 2 day Intensive practice session
  • Certification Program
  • Leading to Internationally recognized NLP certificate program

  Learn the tools of NLP to

  1. Be personally effective
  2. Control your thinking
  3. Be automatically positive
  4. Convert difficulty into opportunity for growth
  5. Be focused on your goal/mission
  6. Be naturally relaxed & smiling
  7. Be fit & trim with disciplined routine

Course Content

  • Induction into the world of NLP
  • Operating Principles of  NLP ( Presupposition)
  • Importance creative imagination
  • Increasing Awareness through senses
  • Modality – Submodality
  • Creating new ‘neural pathways’
  • Anchoring ,
  • Circle of Excellence
  • V A K Parts integration


Participants will receive certificate for course completion

This program is a part of  NLP Essential course 

For registration: mail to or call +919840706451

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