The issue

Ramesh is a very sincere executive of the organization. He was recently transferred to a different location with better benefits. Ramesh too initially thought it to be good.

But of late Ramesh started feeling lonely & left out. He often regretted over the change and cursed himself why he accepted it. He often felt he must get back to his earlier location; the reason being unlike earlier boss who was very friendly, the boss in the current location is tough and demanding. The boss gives additional work; expects to   complete the work fast; does not explicitly express warmth; does not profusely admire or appreciate good work done by Ramesh but immediately points out the mistakes and failings; Ramesh, of late, has started feeling he is sharing the responsibility & work of his boss without additional benefit or comfort.

He strongly felt he must talk to his earlier boss who has been his friend, philosopher & guide.

Ramesh takes leave, comes & meets his former boss to express his disappointment & frustration in the new work place.



The obvious fact is Ramesh is unhappy in the new place; the main reason is his perception that his current boss is a tough task master & unfriendly. He feels his boss treats him as just a subordinate. He wants to escape from the situation secretly craving for revoking of transfer.

The main issue here is Ramesh’s conclusion that his boss is incompatible.

Now that Ramesh has come to meet his previous boss how can his friendly boss help Ramesh resolve the issue with NLP intervention?



We will address the issue at the PERCEPTION level of Ramesh.

To deal with this situation NLP intervenes with REFRAMING

REFRAMING is a way of releasing people from mental slavery. REFRAMING is viewing the same situation from an empowering angle.

People deal not with situation as it is but rather with their perception of the situation, the understanding they have of the situation, the inference they make of the situation & the conclusion they come to based on their frame of reference shaped by beliefs & past experience.

If the frame of reference is appropriate their experience of the situation is satisfactory.

If the frame of reference is inappropriate they feel dissatisfied & uncomfortable.

Neuro Linguistic Programming aka NLP gives specific way to encompass many more choices & break out from these limiting frames .The process is called REFRAMING

While the cause of the issue may be out of control, the response behavior (symptom) as a consequence of the issue can be addressed, altered appropriately to bring in comfort within.

REFRAMING is a model designed to work exclusively with the symptom. We can open up the frame to include another meaning of the symptom; we can find another context in which the same symptom works well;

There are two types of content (symptom) REFRAMING





Here there is nothing inherently wrong with cause of the situation; but the meaning given to it is altered appropriately for better understanding of the situation which empowers for further productivity or satisfaction.


For example: – situation —‘ooph this year I have to pay more income tax than last year’;

MEANING REFRAMING –it means more income this year than last year.


 CONTEXT REFRAMING:-   Here the behavior is  not easy to   change in the existing context  and so finding an appropriate context where the  behavior fits in.


For example: – situation– “I get too involved with details”      

CONTEXT REFRAMING – “Details can be involving I know, and you wouldn’t have made it this far in the company had you not known when to get involved in the details”           


Coming to the case study

Ramesh ‘s perception is that his current boss is hostile to his feelings & sentiments.

Ramesh cannot change the situation (behavior of his boss) whereas Ramesh has a choice to change his response to the situation which he is not aware of.

Now by NLP counseling if the meaning to the situation is altered appropriately Ramesh can be empowered to face the situation with delight

One of the fundamental beliefs of NLP is ‘every behavior has a positive intention.’

His former boss said: – “ Ramesh ! Your boss in fact is a nice person. If he is demanding & expects more from you, it means he has full faith in you and wants you to come up soon by facing tough situation and helps you to equip managerial skills so that you grow soon in your career. Though on the surface he appears to be tough, in fact he has concern for your well being. That’s why he wants you to stretch & go extra mile. “

It was a revelation to Ramesh and he took the situation in his stride and started respecting & accepting his new boss and started working with more enthusiasm and vigor.


REFRAMING creates freedom to maneuver. It gives larger context or frame. Then you see you are not stuck with a specific behavior in a specific situation. There are many other ways as well which can empower us to progress towards growth & well being.