Psychological counseling, psycho therapy

NLP Counseling – A safe way to health & well being

Traditional counseling focuses on CAUSE & EFFECT.

Traditional counseling digs into the past .The person seeking counseling has to narrate fully the situation to the counselor. If the situation itself is very embarrassing, very narration itself will be a trauma again

NLP Counseling is result focused

Now let us know how NLP will handle this case. NLP will not dig into the past; NLP focuses more on solution for the problem than the cause for the problem; NLP will ask the subject what she wants in the situation,

For example – for irritation the needed outcome is calmness; for anger the needed resource is relaxed state of mind;

Once the subject says what she wants in the context, NLP helps to tap the resource from within and supply it here in the needed context. Thus help the subject meet the needs. This is a safe method.

NLP thus respects the privacy of the subject

NLP has no side effect

With NLP the effect is now or later; there is no room for side effect.

The reason is NLP uses subject’s resources.

NLP therefore is very safe

NLP Counselling session

4 sessions ; weekly one session; a session may last upto 90 minutes

Fee for all the 4 sessions Rs 10,000/-

For appointment call V Ranganathan @ +919840706451

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