NLP – Self Responsibility

I received a request by mail  from a person who wanted NLP intervention.( Parts Integration).

In  my reply mail I agreed for the meeting and also requested him to speak to me for my better understanding of his need. 

He chose to only use written communication. He wanted if he will become alright in one sitting.

I replied “may be; may be not; yet for the next 30 days if you practice what I share with you, in all likelihood you will get what you want” 

I was shocked by the reply mail from him-
” I am already an NLPian; I could not do on my own; that’s why I want you to do it for me; If you say I have to do it for 30 days for reinforcement, then your way is not useful to me”

Peace be upon him !

NLP can be effective if only if 

  1. you are willing to take responsibility for the result
  2. you are willing to be flexible to adopt different methods till you get the result
  3. you are willing to believe the process and surrender to the process

Most of the NLP techniques are Do It Yourself type.
You dont need to depend on someone else. 
That is the speciality of NLP.

Hence NLP will be effective if and only if you decide to make it effective for you.
VRnlp helps you to realize this truth