NLP Q & A – VRnlp

®  How will you explain NLP in a layman language?


Ü  way to effective living

Ü  Practical demonstration for self efficacy

Ü  Manual for self development

Ü  Psychological approach for mental health

Ü  Psychological adventure for ascending greater heights of human potential

®  Can you explain the psychological approach of NLP?

NLP relies heavily on the power of sub conscious mind. In fact NLP refers to sub conscious   mind as unconscious mind.NLP is what taps the perennial power of sub conscious mind

The unconscious mind is always benevolent. Unconscious mind always guides us rightly.

This is a proven belief of NLP.90% of human activity in a day is unconscious driven.

Conscious mind is what we are aware of by our thinking process; Conscious mind is what makes us aware of our immediate circumstance. Whatever that transcends this immediate conscious awareness is UNCONSCIOUS MIND.

Submerged consciousness is what constitutes sub conscious mind.

The deep sea appearing mute compared to active wavy beach is in fact more powerful. Likewise unconscious mind is more powerful than the apparently active thought flowing conscious mind. NLP contains a number of appropriate interventions to tap the power of unconscious mind. NLP firmly believes that a man’s strength is proportionate to his mental strength. So NLP can be termed as Psychology.

®  If NLP is a psychology will it be difficult to understand?

Not at all. In fact it is very easy to understand and follow NLP because it has a number of practical exercises to tap the power of mind. If one sincerely practices the techniques one can easily understand and appreciate NLP.

NLP is the science of understanding the power of unconscious mind and the art of tapping the power through funny creative ways that transcends logical calculation or estimation.

®  Will it be difficult to do the exercises?

Oh no… anybody can easily do. There are well defined ways of doing the exercises. Anybody can easily learn & practice.

I have observed many people who approach NLP; they assume NLP is something   mysterious and inherently powerful; one has to just passively participate and all craving needs will be automatically fulfilled. Once they come to know the simplicity of the exercises and also come to know that exercises call for the individual to consistently do something about one’s expectations with the help of exercises, these vain seekers lose interest.. They simply rush to conclusion —“it’s just an imagination; a mere faking’’

Simple exercises easy to do, yet very powerful results one can get.

What is needed to benefit from NLP is patience & faith.

®  Will it take a longer time to do NLP exercises?

No. Most of the techniques can be completed in 5 minutes

®  Really surprising!! What can be done in 5 minutes is producing immediate results??

Yes; if you are thirsty and drink water, how long does it take to quench your thirst?

It’s like that.

®  In the areas of behavior modification & mental health what is the difference between traditional psychological approach and NLP?

Traditional psychology focuses on CAUSE & EFFECT.

For example if someone is easily irritated and that person does not like this and wants to get out of getting easily irritated—

Traditional Psychology gets into finding why the irritation happens, how the person behaves after irritation. “What causes irritation & what is the effect of irritation”

The person seeking counseling has to narrate fully the situation to the counselor.

Just in case the situation itself is very embarrassing, very narration itself may be embarrassing again to the subject. Perhaps there could be distortion of facts while narrating the event. This is the premise available for the counselor to offer solution.

Now let us know how NLP will handle this case.
NLP will not dig into the past; NLP does not concern much with what caused the problem;
NLP focuses more on solution for the problem than the cause for the problem;

NLP will ask the subject what she wants in the situation, what is the outcome needed by her, say for example –
for irritation the needed outcome is calmness;
for anger the needed resource is relaxed state of mind;
Once the subject says what she wants in the context NLP helps to tap the resource from within and supply it here in the needed context. Thus help the subject meet the needs.
This is a safe method.

®  Is it that only people with mental affliction can benefit from NLP?

No; even healthy mind can benefit; strengthening strength is a healthy approach; to keep the mind fit one can apply NLP tools; to arrive at right decision you can use NLP; to develop healthy relationship, develop leadership quality, a strong bent of mind, managing emotions , whatever it is all areas concerned with human thought & behavior can apply NLP tools.

NLP is very relevant to whole of humaniity