I  C A N

I CAN is a very powerful statement

I CAN sends message of confidence conviction & the drive to make ‘it’ possible by sheer will or power or faith

Even a casual utterance of I CAN can have a magical consequence of energizing our psyche.

I CAN is positive thinking;

I CAN is possibility thinking;

I CAN is solution focused thinking.

Interestingly this I CAN can make you an icon in your field.


If you can understand what each letter stands for and appreciate the significance of each of this letter, you can surely become an icon .

We will now discuss the significance of each of the letters in I C A N


I is Imagine

Imagination is not just an illusion; It is not a flight of fantasy.

Imagination is the process of mind’s functioning.

When we say thinking we think in terms of pictures, sounds and feelings.

Imagination keeps on happening consciously or unconsciously.

If thinking relates to past it is remembering.

If thinking relates to future it is imagination.

Though imagination is about future, the process of imagination is happening in the present.

Hence imagination influences our present behavior & our response to future event.

Therefore it is important to be aware of what we imagine.

The only nation where we are free to do anything we want is imagination.

Use this power of imagination for best possible outcome.

Imagine only success; achievement; This will impress your thinking to mobilizing your mental energy to reach success

In fact brain does not know the difference between real & imagination

Whatever the mind of man can conceive & believe, the brain takes it on the face of it and starts working accordingly.

It is important to imagine only the expected result,

It is important to see as a mental movie what must happen as already happened in you &
you are enjoying the fruits of labor;

This is more than Pygmalion effect;

A visualized goal energizes mental muscles to bring to fruition the desired result

IMAGINATION is reality under construction.

Imagine success!

Imagine positive outcome!

Imagine you are getting what you want & say I CAN



“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality” said Abraham Lincoln

Commitment is  total dedication to a cause.

When challenges & difficulties surface on the way only a committed heart will focus on finding solution;
meek & halfhearted will wallow in despondency & defeat.

Commitment is giving all that you have to attain all that you want.

Commitment means staying loyal to what you say.

Commitment is not a vague promise.

Commitment is focusing without choice.

Commitment is certainty in thought.

Commitment is unflinching attitude.

Commitment is something you live.

Everything is you do is an expression of commitment;

Nothing great ever was achieved without an abiding commitment

So commit to the cause you strive for & say I CAN


A is Affirm

Affirmation is a self declaration of what one believes to be true.

It is conviction expressed in words; conviction expressed through action.

An affirmative statement is a statement of reinforcement to encourage & motivate oneself to keep doing till success is achieved

“I succeed & grow”

“I believe I complete the task successfully”


“I am optimistic & enthusiastic”

“I am able to create unlimited abundance”

“Day by day in every way I become better & better & better” ( Emile Coue)

What you say in you is a self-fulfilling prophesy

Keep saying within statements that reinforce your faith in achieving what you want to get surely.

Write in a note book regularly;

Keep muttering like mantra.

Affirm to achieve & say I CAN


N is Never give up

Discipline & determination is what marks the difference between those who succeed & those who invite failure.

There is no high way to success; there is no privilege zone for success;

In fact success is never guaranteed to anyone beforehand.

It is the grit within that gives the grip to the wheels on the way to achieving the goal.

Trials tribulations mark the way; uncertainties, unexpected twist, unforeseen blocks threaten us from proceeding further.

A determined person turn the scars into stars.

Difficulties are viewed as opportunities for growth

“When the going gets tough only the tough get going” says Robert Schuller

Never give up & say I CAN


So friends I CAN is not just a declaration

I CAN has in it the process of I CAN

I CAN has in it what makes you say I CAN

I is Imagination

C is Commitment

A is Affirmation

N is Never give up

The fire in your desire makes a mole of a mountain of difficulties while
the ice in your fear makes a mountain of a mole of problems.



V Ranganathan is a NLP Specialist & motivational speaker, author of books & TV Personality

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NLP -Instant Pattern break

NLP -Thought Pattern -Instant Break

I have heard people complain that their mind is trespassed by unwanted thoughts and they feel upset about. They say they are helplessly imprisoned by thought patterns..
Some feel upset or anguished at times and see no way of getting out of it at that time.

You must have heard people say or you could have experienced this situation, like, an important client meeting ; you are well prepared yet at that time a mild or perceptible  anxiety or fear passing through you and also you wish you get out of it somehow.

·         Lub-dub before an audience
·         Flutter when entering boss cabin
·         Anxiety over delay of expectation
·         Upset feeling hearing a disappointment
·         Teasing memory of an unpleasant event
·         Compulsive seeking of  unwanted
·         Any kind of inappropriate thinking you want to get out

Will power does not come to rescue at times crisis.

It is our habitual response pattern that holds us sway at those critical moments..

Unconscious patterns are often deep rooted and easily influence behavior; they have a power over reasoning or rational choice.

The usual methods of contemplation & correction do not come handy at times of crisis need of alternate emotion or state of mind.

Is there a way out to quickly gain the required state of mind?
NLP, the Psychology of personal change & excellence offers an effective tool to gain the state of mind you want;
you can easily push out the unwanted thinking and protect yourself from getting teased time & again

It is a very powerful tool to instantly break the unwanted thought pattern and establish the needed frame of mind or mind set.

It is instant just in 20 seconds you can shift your mood

It is also very handy to do.

You don’t require any special place or pose or position to do this.

All you need is your palms and the use of your palms.

Here is the 4 Step pattern

Suppose you are slightly anxious and you want to be calm, here is how you do

Step 1: (seeing your palms say within) I SEE my palms

Step 2: (Rubbing your palms swiftly) I HEAR my palms rubbing

Step 3: (Feeling the heat generated) I FEEL the heat in my palms

Step 4:  (4th step you put forth what you want) I am now CALM & RELAXED

You will be amazed to find that you get the needed state of mind instantly.

These 4 steps must be done in the order mentioned here for benefit.

How long should one do?
As long as one wants it;
as often as needed;

4th statement is the needed state; you must specifically mention what you need.( not what you don’t need)

Keep doing this whenever you need to break current thinking pattern.

This tool is handy & very effective.

Best Wishes !




1. Being Optimistic –
Being positive about life is no more a choice but becomes a basic need for survival these days given the opportunity that people have & the access to every kind of life-style courtesy ‘world-wide-web’.
The luxury of leisurely life – leisurely wake-up, leisurely get ready, leisurely commute to work place, interact informally & intimately with people,  caring to share without being asked, weigh life with inclusive thinking – has been replaced by a high-tech, fast paced regimented life with an attitude of  ‘what is in it for me’ has been pushing people to fend for oneself .
If it becomes so, then one must become one’s own care-taker, motivator, and self-healer. Being self dependent is safe now-a-days to keep pace with advancement.
Unless one tunes the mind optimistically, unless one trains the mind to think positively, unless one looks for solutions, life will become more & more complicated.
Even now stress seems to become the order of the day. People seem to get upset easily, people become irritated at snap of fingers.

In order to make the most of everything in life, one must develop an attitude of seeing the brighter side of life; in fact one must see life as an opportunity for growth & advancement, treat every life situation as a learning ground for strengthening self.
Though it is easier said than done, yet one must cultivate the attitude seeing life as an opportunity by ‘choosing’ to be optimistic.
That your life is thrilling or pulling or killing depends on the filling in your head; hence take care of your thoughts, then life is taken care of’– VR Quote

2.Believing in one’s ability-

Of all the strengths in the world, the only thing that stands by a man at times of crisis is his courage of conviction.
What a man thinks of himself to be is what decides his behavior in any situation.
If I can say, man’s effectiveness is proportionate to his identity than the ability he possesses. Therefore much more than knowledge acquired, skills learnt, experience gained, one must ‘believe’ in one’s ability, whatever be the proportion & measure, and perform with full faith that one can give one’s best at all circumstance.
You may not be the best person under the sun; yet you can give your best under the sun at all circumstance fully believing in your ability.
This belief in one’s ability sharpens focus & polishes skill on an ongoing basis; this will gradually make a person gain expertise in the chosen field.

The greatest deterrent to success is not just lack of ability, but lack of belief in one’s ability.
Self doubt & perfection syndrome are the arch rivals for personal effectiveness.
‘There is no word that has no power;
There is no herb that has no medicinal value;
There is no human who is absolutely worthless’
– a Sanskrit  saying
Hence in order to succeed & grow one must identify one’s strength & work on one’s strength.
For this to happen BELIEVE you have abilities and you can succeed;
keep saying –
‘I believe in the ability of my own self & generate powerful results’


3. Being curios to learn & grow

Being positively discontent is best
lest complacency cripples us to rust’

VR Quote
All great leaders are avid readers. They are curious to know what is new in their chosen field. They keep their eyes, ears and  mind open to receive new learning, new ways of doing, new methods to optimize resources.

A sedentary routine may give a sense of security but it is only a temporary respite. What gives growth & maturity is challenging oneself and taking risk to renew oneself, to rejuvenate oneself with new learning.
Stagnation is indeed a sickness in disguise.
New leaning keeps the brain cells active and lightens up life and retains youthful spirit.
Life is counted not by the number of years lived but by the number of hours spent in useful tasks.
Much of life’s problems can be easily solved by taking a fresh look at it, by altering our approach to the same situation.
Failures & mistakes become best teacher if only we learn to take them as an opportunity for learning; In fact growth && expansion has come only by treating mistakes & failure as a feedback.
In fact if one develops a child like curiosity, then nothing like it to freshen up life.
Make it a habit to be curious about your immediate life circumstance and start learning everyday something new.
Then life will always be fresh


4 Appreciating the best in others

It is a basic fact of life that no man in a society can live all alone without needing the support of fellow human beings.
Equally it is a basic need of man to be connected to people. A sense of belonging certainly gives comfort.
Pleasure lies in giving, sharing, exchanging, and serving relatives friends & close associates.
True success lies in having a well meaning connectedness with people around, not just the attainment of honors, medals or material possessions. Even with these one will feel empty if not surrounded by people with sincerity & warmth.

In order to have a well meaning relationship with people, develop the habit of appreciating the good things in others and candidly recognize them.
We are so habituated to finding fault with others, and often claim to be better than the rest that we miss out the charm of peaceful co-existence and supplementing and complimenting one another.
The best way to establish a well knit of net-work is by inculcating the habit of spotting good things in others;
If I can use Spencer Johnson’s phrase ‘catch them doing good’

Focus on what people are doing well, what they are good at, what each person is capable of and nurture that in them and make the most out of the strength that people have; Help people to strengthen their strength.
In turn they will stand with you willingly, voluntarily.
Life has meaning if only we care & share with people.
Hence to have personal effectiveness, start appreciating the best in others.


5.Finding a balance between personal and professional life

Gone are the days of settled type; a person starting his career in an organization retiring from the same organization; Job hop is the order of the day.
Being career oriented is even among women these days.
The percentage of working couples is on the increase.
Acquiring property, amassing wealth seems to occupy one’s thinking obsessively.

The basic question is life is spent only in making a living, then when are we going to live?

Value clarification is what is needed to find meaning & purpose to life.
Decide what you want, I repeat, what you want most and work for it.
Personal life & professional life are two sides of a talisman.
Balancing it is important for a healthy peaceful living.
Effectiveness lies in striking a balance.


LIFE is Living In Full Enthusiasm
– VR Quote



Managers have crucial roles in an organization in that they have to ensure operation is conforming to the standards of the organization. Managers are not only responsible for delivering results through the team but maintain the morale of the team they manage as well.

Thus managers are not just channels for organizational communication through reporting or just task masters wielding power rested with them by whipping or goading subordinates.

Managers are truly bridges between the management and the executives. They are the catalyst for the growth of the organization by increasing employee productivity through deft handling of people reporting to them.

This call for a very special disposition that does not just limit to positional authority but transcends to become a positive influence in the work environ.
No doubt managers are for managing for results. At the same time help people to reach their goals. Help them feel better about themselves. Catch them doing right, control them (not condemn them) when they go wrong.

In short an influential leadership is what is expected of them. That alone works in the changed working environ of this high tech communication age.
Thus a manager needs to walk his talk and be a role model for subordinates. That alone commands respect and positively influences the team to contribute better and better.

RESPONSIBILITY goes with authority. So managers have to realize the power of responsibility to make the best of them. In fact responsibility is response ability.

There are four ways by which a manager can respond to work environ and positively influence the team for better results.

1. Be first on, last off, and add extra value-
A manager needs to be the first person to set the ball rolling. He must take the initiative to infuse enthusiasm and provide guidance and direction to team members. He must make himself available to them as & when the team requires his assistance. Equally the finishing touch for the task should be from his end, meaning a final check to ensure system is in place and delivery is as earlier planned. He must take responsibility for the outcome of the activity and be answerable and accountable. In fact he must attempt to provide more than expected of him.

2. Never trade results for excuses-
An excuse is nothing more than a justification or explanation for doing or not doing something. Excuse comes handy only for those who shirk responsibility. Excuse is something one lets go of easily with some simple rationalization. The lesson is that if one commits to something one should do it even if it be a strain to the nerves.

In fact successful completion of a task secrets feel good endorphins in the brain that stimulates and strengthens a personality.

What is personality anyway? It is a person’s ability. Personal ability enhances with responsibility. Thus a person’s sense of worth and esteem soars high that paves way for rewards and recognitions.

3. Solve problems in advance-
According to   PETER F DRUCKER, the management guru, 80% of management problems are communication problems. True, by not properly communicating the fact problems arise. In most of the organizations it is fire fighting and not prevention has become a habit. Of course not all problems can be foreseen or anticipated. Yet most of the problems can be solved by resolving to focus on the task on hand and taking time and care to mend ways to achieve results than sitting over it. Flexibility of approach than conformity to convention is advisable.

4. Always make those around you look good-
Time has come to shift from `get the job done’ approach to `let’s do what’s best’ attitude. People are basically good and want to give their best. The distracting factor to their output is the apathetical attitude of superiors towards them. Being insensitive to their needs tantamount to sapping their enthusiasm for work. A good manager makes his team feel good and thus motivate them to contribute their best for the organization. This can happen if and only if they are treated as respectable human beings and the manager facilitates to restore their dignity of labour. An atmosphere charged with enthusiasm automatically increases productivity. People will be willing to participate with greater cooperation and team spirit. None of us is as smart as all of us. So an effective manager makes everyone feel good about one self and stimulates to volunteer for extra load with a willful heart than by coercion and threat.

By these four ways one can exhibit one’s power of responsibility and reap the rewards of glory.
`When you pray, pray as though everything is dependent on GOD
When you work, work as though everything is dependent on you’


ASK for Attitude

`When you start asking, the world will start giving’

Does this appear as a tall claim?
Perhaps yes for a cursory reading.
Deeper reflection will reveal the truth of this statement.
Not only when you start asking but as well what you start asking, the world starts giving.
This give and take may not be so simple as that of a barter system easy to transact easy to exchange.
Yet in the `me vis-a-vis world’ context every `my life’ has a deeper and stronger connection with the `universal life’.
Everyday in everyway we give something to the world and proportionately start getting from the world.
In your giving what you ask for, the world starts giving.
Only you decide the price of your giving.
The value of your giving is evaluated by one factor called your SELF ESTEEM.

Self-Esteem is not determined by the world outside of you.
The world outside does not ask questions about the authenticity of your self-esteem; does not ask proof for the veracity of your conviction on yourself.
It simply accepts and starts giving proportionately.
Is it not wonderful that you are given the freedom to fix your value?
It is wonderful. Yet the issue lies therein.
Self-Esteem is nurtured and fortified by this one inseparable factor called your ATTITUDE.
Like ground water silently nourishing the roots of a tree attitude nourishes and strengthens SELF ESTEEM.

For example the petrol boy had the attitude and thus the esteem of an entrepreneur and so consistently he worked his way up to become the leading industrialist in India.
Shri Dhirubai Ambani asked for greater position from the world and the universal life gave the same.

The humble boy from Rameshwaram in South of India gave more to universal life with a high esteem and thus became the honorable president of India.
Dr.Abdul Kalam has the appropriate attitude.

Hence your attitude determines your altitude.

ASK is Attitude Skill Knowledge.

80% attitude + 15% skill + 5% knowledge = 100% success.

How to develop right attitude?

Simple steps

  1. Wake up in the morning. Stand before the mirror. Salute the person facing you.
  2. Then turn around. Greet the world sending good wishes.
  3. Say aloud `today is a great day. I make the most of this day’.
  4. Give your best in this day. Ask only for the best.
  5. When you retire at night say` I wake up to a brighter tomorrow’.

Walk courageously and expectantly to a brighter tomorrow.

Start asking, the world starts giving.

Life is Living In Full Enthusiasm.


Attitude: You Are It’s Due

Sage Narad was on his way to meet Lord Vishnu. En-route he was accosted by a rishi doing penance. The rishi requested sage Narad to confirm with Lord Vishnu when he would get the fruits of his penance. The sage promised to do so. On his way further, another rishi approached Sage Narad with the same request. Narad promised him too.

After his meeting with Lord Vishnu the sage was returning. One rishi with all anxiety enquired what the reply was. Thereupon the sage said, “Oh Rishi! Count the number of leaves of this tree under which you are doing penance. That many years will take for you to reap benefits of your penance.”

“Still so many years to go? Oh god! What a long wait!’’ grumbling so, the rishi deserted the place abandoning tapasya. Narad gave the same reply to the other rishi who was all curious. To Narad’s surprise the rishi started dancing out of joy. The rishi profusely thanked Narad for conveying the good news and also expressed his gratitude to god. Narad enquired what made him rejoice when the other rishi was repulsive to the same answer.

The all glee rishi said, “Oh wise sage! For two reasons I celebrate now. One is that it is now confirmed that my penance is to fructify. The second reason is that it is no indefinite wait. Precisely after how many years I am going to get the fruits of my penance is now known’’.

ATTITUDE shapes destiny
The moral of the story is that it is not what happens in life but what you do with what happens in life that shapes the outcome of any event in life. What we do with what happens is a matter of attitude. The benefit from the outcome of our effort is based on the appropriateness or inappropriateness of our attitude.
A person with a positive attitude says, GOOD MORNING GOD!’ A person with a negative attitude says, “Oh my God it’s morning”. Like it or not, life is a ceaseless reflection of our attitude every moment. Looking back at your life you will find that all your past successes and failures were the resultant of your attitude then. Attitude is the anvil on which your life is shaped; destiny is designed.

ATTITUDE is not a skill
The dictionary meaning of attitude is ‘a way of thinking, behaving, and feeling’ Attitude is mental poise; a matter of conviction; a simple declaration to yourself. Attitude is not an objective skill you can employ at your will Attitude is a subjective determinant of the consequences of every event of your life

Attitude of Gratitude – Count your blessings. Immaterial of the magnitude, feel proud of your achievements and comforts of your life. Celebrate life for the opportunities it provides. Express gratitude to God for His Blessings.
Attitude of Desire – Desire for success, wealth and prosperity. Desire to live life in full glory. Desire for abundance and accomplishments. Desire for your contributions to life. Desire not only to take care of your life but your family and society as well is an enlightened desire. Desire is the propulsion for action.

Attitude of Positivism – HOPE is Happenings Of Positive Expectation. Develop an attitude of positive expectation from life. Believe tomorrow is always bright. Look only for the best; seek only the best; expect only the best. You will be amazed life always gives you the best. Your creative channels open up. Infinite possibilities open up. You are sure to get a sense of accomplishment; find meaning and purpose to life.

LIFE is Living In Full Enthusiasm

The Real Essence of Bhagavat Gita

Laziness and inaction are not the traits of manliness.
Do not entertain them.Give up weakness and be ready for the struggles of life.
To submit to grief considering it as fate is sinning.
Do not surrender to opposition.
Learn to fight.To escape is no solution for problems.
Whatever comes face it squarely.
You have the power to turn the world. Bring it out.
There is nothing else that can give you greatness than this DHARMIC fight.