I  C A N

I CAN is a very powerful statement

I CAN sends message of confidence conviction & the drive to make ‘it’ possible by sheer will or power or faith

Even a casual utterance of I CAN can have a magical consequence of energizing our psyche.

I CAN is positive thinking;

I CAN is possibility thinking;

I CAN is solution focused thinking.

Interestingly this I CAN can make you an icon in your field.


If you can understand what each letter stands for and appreciate the significance of each of this letter, you can surely become an icon .

We will now discuss the significance of each of the letters in I C A N


I is Imagine

Imagination is not just an illusion; It is not a flight of fantasy.

Imagination is the process of mind’s functioning.

When we say thinking we think in terms of pictures, sounds and feelings.

Imagination keeps on happening consciously or unconsciously.

If thinking relates to past it is remembering.

If thinking relates to future it is imagination.

Though imagination is about future, the process of imagination is happening in the present.

Hence imagination influences our present behavior & our response to future event.

Therefore it is important to be aware of what we imagine.

The only nation where we are free to do anything we want is imagination.

Use this power of imagination for best possible outcome.

Imagine only success; achievement; This will impress your thinking to mobilizing your mental energy to reach success

In fact brain does not know the difference between real & imagination

Whatever the mind of man can conceive & believe, the brain takes it on the face of it and starts working accordingly.

It is important to imagine only the expected result,

It is important to see as a mental movie what must happen as already happened in you &
you are enjoying the fruits of labor;

This is more than Pygmalion effect;

A visualized goal energizes mental muscles to bring to fruition the desired result

IMAGINATION is reality under construction.

Imagine success!

Imagine positive outcome!

Imagine you are getting what you want & say I CAN



“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality” said Abraham Lincoln

Commitment is  total dedication to a cause.

When challenges & difficulties surface on the way only a committed heart will focus on finding solution;
meek & halfhearted will wallow in despondency & defeat.

Commitment is giving all that you have to attain all that you want.

Commitment means staying loyal to what you say.

Commitment is not a vague promise.

Commitment is focusing without choice.

Commitment is certainty in thought.

Commitment is unflinching attitude.

Commitment is something you live.

Everything is you do is an expression of commitment;

Nothing great ever was achieved without an abiding commitment

So commit to the cause you strive for & say I CAN


A is Affirm

Affirmation is a self declaration of what one believes to be true.

It is conviction expressed in words; conviction expressed through action.

An affirmative statement is a statement of reinforcement to encourage & motivate oneself to keep doing till success is achieved

“I succeed & grow”

“I believe I complete the task successfully”


“I am optimistic & enthusiastic”

“I am able to create unlimited abundance”

“Day by day in every way I become better & better & better” ( Emile Coue)

What you say in you is a self-fulfilling prophesy

Keep saying within statements that reinforce your faith in achieving what you want to get surely.

Write in a note book regularly;

Keep muttering like mantra.

Affirm to achieve & say I CAN


N is Never give up

Discipline & determination is what marks the difference between those who succeed & those who invite failure.

There is no high way to success; there is no privilege zone for success;

In fact success is never guaranteed to anyone beforehand.

It is the grit within that gives the grip to the wheels on the way to achieving the goal.

Trials tribulations mark the way; uncertainties, unexpected twist, unforeseen blocks threaten us from proceeding further.

A determined person turn the scars into stars.

Difficulties are viewed as opportunities for growth

“When the going gets tough only the tough get going” says Robert Schuller

Never give up & say I CAN


So friends I CAN is not just a declaration

I CAN has in it the process of I CAN

I CAN has in it what makes you say I CAN

I is Imagination

C is Commitment

A is Affirmation

N is Never give up

The fire in your desire makes a mole of a mountain of difficulties while
the ice in your fear makes a mountain of a mole of problems.



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possible delusion

Friends! In the name of motivational messages,
we are again & again deluded to believe that
success comes through hard work & struggle only;
that failure is a stepping stone to success;
that nothing is impossible in life;
that difficulties are opportunities.

Public is deceived to believe these wise quotes
as very relevant to life by blowing out of proportion .
The utility of failure, difficulties & struggle
is overrated to the point of believing unconsciously that
in order to succeed in life
one must struggle, face hardships, undergo pain, fail many times…

Far from truth.

Success need not come from hard work only;
struggle does not mean hint for success.
Failure is no stepping stone to success.

Friends!! Learn to think originally…..
finally what remains with you as wisdom is
what you actually experience & learn from it.
Go by your intuition.


why the cry to stop try ?

Why the cry to stop try?

There is an evangelical force to discourage someone who says “I will try

In the self-help mall & motivation workshop circle try seems to be a taboo.

In an informal chat one person said he would try. Immediately jumped my trainer friend, “don’t say try. You will not do” He did not stop there. He said with a sense of pride & achievement, in his session if a participant says ‘try’ he will collect spot fine immediately.

Is the word TRY so bad that one should consciously avoid??

Should it be fined because you are not fine with ‘TRY’?

Out of curiosity I tried to refer dictionary to understand the word TRY.

I succeeded in my try to know the meaning of TRY.

According Webster dictionary TRY means

  • to make an effort to do something: to attempt to accomplish or complete something
  • to do or use (something) in order to see if it works or will be successful
  • to do or use (something) in order to find out if you like it

Is making an effort to do something so bad?

Of course not.

Then why the cry to stop saying try?

Because try also come to mean “I am not sure about the gain, let me take a chance if everything is ok”

Try comes to mean euphemistically I may not do

Try comes to mean I am not certain; I don’t promise.

Try comes to mean a non-committal response.

Therefore in order to move away from non-committal response, half- hearted response it is suggested to replace try with the word ‘do’ or ‘attempt’


Now the issue   what has been suggested based on context is now seen as a dictum of sacred text.

The moment someone says “let me try” immediately jumps the workshop junkie to denounce the use of try

Though someone says “let me try” it can be appropriate with sincerest of intention and commitment.

For example someone tries to open a lid unsuccessfully; a friend can come & say ‘let me try

Therefore it is important to take into account the context & tone in which try is uttered.

Next time when you go to a garment showroom and look for readymade don’t denounce when the salesperson says try this size.

TRY is not a bad word to resist.

You are free to use the word try and also you can try alternate words to try

TRY according to me is an acronym

TRY means Total Responsibility Yours


He said, “I am trying”

She said, “Yes you are very trying” 


Confident assertive communication


In today’s highly competitive environ it’s not just enough to be good at something. We have to be really good at communicating our abilities to others as well.

While some of the methods of communicating this ability may be inanimate – web site, email, c v, or letter of recommendation- the really crucial channel is live and human: how we talk to each other.

The crux of selling ourselves is not only what we communicate but how we communicate as well.

How effective are we in our communication with those concerned with our life or the situation we are in? The answer to this question is the indicator of our success in life.

In fact the quality of our life is the quality of our communication.


In order for communication to be effective one primary requisite is ‘our confidence’ in our ability.

The dictionary meaning of confidence is:

The belief that you can manage successfully.

What is belief anyway?

Belief is simply a thought taken to be true by the individual

So the crux of confident assertive communication is –

building positive self beliefs –  the belief in one’s ability to perform, excel, communicate, succeed & shine.

Belief brings relief


All great leaders are powerful communicators. Their power to communicate comes from a sense of mission and self worth. They have a purpose to work for and persistence to get going against odds.


What are the ways to develop a positive self belief like a leader?

The first requisite is a positive self concept.




 These three qualities are inter-related. Any change in one of these affects or effects the other two.

So a positive self concept is the first pre-requisite for effective communication.



  1. Self Acceptance
  2. Appreciating one’s uniqueness
  3. Stop comparing with others
  4. Belief in one’s ability
  5. Being curious to learn & grow
  6. Having an aim in life
  7. Overcoming fear of failure
  8. Learning from failure.
  9. Respecting others
  10. Positive attitude












“The only way to get rid of fear is to take action”

Former American president F D Roosevelt said, “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

Excellent quote; Very wise advice.

Fear is used as acronym.

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR is Forget Everything And Run

FEAR is Fantasy Eliminating Available Resource

It’s true.

Action cures; action cures all ills.


From real life experience you know the real issue is ‘getting into action’

When fear rules there is so much work going on inside our head that we get no time to take to action; we are so much overwhelmed by the preoccupation fueled by fear we hardly have the nerve to navigate to action.

The inevitable statement issued by such people paralyzed by fear is, “ I want to but ……”

This but buttress fear feelings only.

This means you need a push to get into action

You are stuck due to factors that seem to be beyond your conscious control.

This means that fear happens in you in spite of your wish to push it.

You are unconsciously compelled to behave in a fearful way.

This mandates another process that can reach to your unconscious depth and set right your thinking process to express confidence, calmness, clarity & boldness.

The fact is a person suffering from fear is conscious of what to do, but not conscious enough how to do.

This HOW is provided by Neuro Linguistic Program which works with unconscious process of a human and helps him to get released from unpleasantness.

Advice is not an antidote to fear.

A new MIND PROGRAM is the antidote.

NLP programs mind for confidence, peace, and success in life.

You can be spontaneously confident, bold & assertive.

with NLP you too can become a New Lovable Person !!


?Are we getting the result we want by being positive?

Are we getting the result we want by being positive?

Positive thinking is expected to bring in positive result, in other words the expected result.

Does it give expected result all the time if not most of the time for all who carefully nurture positive thoughts despite  failing many times?

What could be the reason? Is it our fault in not having generated enough positive thinking?
 Can we say by the ‘negative’ result that our strategy was not right?

Can we say we are not fortunate enough to get what we want?

Can we say we are a cursed lot to suffer from what we don’t want?

Yes we have the right to conclude in whatever way we want.

All these are only interpretations we make based on the meaning we give to the outcome.

Yet what is the fact? What could be the reason that we don’t get what we want?
We don’t get as we want? We don’t get at the time we want?

Let me give an ‘INTELLIGENT’ answer.

Yes the answer is based on INTELLIGENCE.

We know we have body intelligence which governs the functioning of the body and the body responds & reacts to stimuli from outside; we have automated body functions governed by this intelligence.

Equally we know the world is moving in order; moving in harmony;

There is a larger wisdom that governs the movement of this cosmos and everything happens to maintain the equilibrium in this massive world.

I repeat everything happens to maintain the equilibrium in this massive world.

Hence you life effort, the result of effort – everything is governed based on the law of equilibrium.

Now the tricky question is

– “Some are leading a rich life, how? Some with not so much of ability or expertise seem to be leading a very rewarding life, how? How is it that a person with real talent is languishing in difficulties and does not seem to be in  lime light at all?

These are definitely intriguing questions.

The answer is it is the way the world order has designed.


Let me give an example

How many litres of milk are required to make one kg of butter?  20 litres

How many oranges are required to make one litre of orange juice?  15 oranges

How many flowers must honey bees tap to make one pound of honey? 2 million flowers

How many sperm cells travel to reach embryo though only one is needed to fertilize an egg?

About 500 millions


For one kg butter 20 litres of milk; does it mean major portion of milk is waste?

For just one litre of juice 15 oranges; does that mean the pulp is now a waste?

If just one sperm cell is sufficient then why 500 million in one ejaculation?

Not so,

See the massive effort nature makes to produce a masterpiece!!

It is all a part of nature’s design.


Looking at the world event from that perspective where you and I also form part of it, if people are succeeding marginally or phenomenally which are all relative in comparison, everything happens according to an order.

So if there are celebrities, outstanding achievers, exceptional performers, and crorepathis then they are so because crores of others equally capable, though not drawing money or fame like them, are making them so according to universal order.

Ambanis’ Adanis’ Bill Gates’ are possible because of so many nameless & faceless achievers in their own way but not equally recognized or rewarded like them.

Celebrate life because of you there are outstanding achievers & celebrities as per the design of world order.

The world is a beautiful place to live because you are living!

Keep aspiring! Keep doing! Get going!
Because of you the earth revolves, sun & moon shine, stars twinkle.

 You are the reason because you are complete whole & perfect

You are a miniature moving cosmos.


AFFIRMATIONS for various occasions


  • I possess supreme confidence that provides me best opportunities in life.
  • I unleash the forces of my mind; I release creative imagination and aim for the highest.
  • I am capable of dealing with the present and well prepared for the future.
  • I become the shaper of my mind, my beliefs, and my life.
  • I confidently expect to attain my life’s goals.
  • I fill my subconscious mind with mental picture of success;
    my subconscious mind fills my life with success.
  • Day by day in every way I am becoming a positive person and a prosperous person.
  • I well manage people
  • I well manage problem
  • I well manage life
  • I well manage myself
  • I apply imaging concept steadily and systematically; it solves my problems, strengthens my personality, improves my health and greatly enhances the chances of success in any kind of endeavor.
  • I have the necessary inner drive to take me forward.
  • I have deep seated belief in my inner worth.
  • I enjoy the fruits of my labor.
  • I take conscious effort to upgrade the quality of my life.
  • I use constructive self talk every day.
  • I take right decision.
  • I am well within my time and can make up.
  • I am brisk bright & charming.
  • Every speech every word every movement is precise and certain.
  • I radiate confidence.
  • I am assertive in behavior.
  • I always have a sense of achievement.
  • I have vigor endurance & extra-ordinary energy.
  • I can; I do; I accomplish.
  • I greet every day, every new day with a firm commitment to raising my confidence.
  • I do whatever that is required to become more confident.
  • I can do all things through God who strengthens me.
  • I demonstrate my brilliance at spotting opportunities for growth.
  • I am highly motivated to look for opportunities.
  • I meet every day with a firm commitment to raising my standard.
  • The power to shape my future is within me.
  • My sub conscious mind reveals my future.
  • The answers to my questions are in my subconscious mind.
  • I look within & get the answers.
  • Every tissue, every vein, every blood vessel, every atom of my body is filled with a special knowledge of self development.
  • My future is exciting & my potential for economic success is unlimited.
  • My life is a portrait of a believer, possibility thinker.
  • I am an optimistic person.
  • I am an enthusiastic person.
  • I am enthusiastic about anything that I do.
  • I am a natural goal achiever.
  • I always take care of details.
  • I am open to new ideas.
  • I am dependable.
  • I am blessed with natural talent.
  • I am motivated & inspired.
  • I have the power to organize, power to make things happen, power to generate income.
  • I am calm & firm in all my interactions today.
  • Whoever listens to me realizes his inner worth & feels touched and uplifted.
  • I am decisive determined and ceaselessly energetic.
  • I get all the needed support from right people at the right time in the right way


Real asset

Kanyakumari-3660_4உடையர் எனப்படுவது ஊக்கம்; அஃதிலார்
உடையது  உடையறோ மற்று.
/குறள் 591/

பொருள் :
ஒருவனுடைய சொத்து எனக் கருதத் தக்கது அவனின் உள்ள ஊக்கமே ஆகும்;
ஊக்கம் இல்லாதவன் வேறு எதை சொத்தாகப் பெற்றிருந்தாலும் அவைகள் பயனற்று போகும்.

Meaning of this KURAL :
The real asset for a man is his enthusiasm; whatever else he possesses sans enthusiasm is not so very useful.




The much abused word in motivational messages or thoughts is

Often repeated statement is
“IMpossible – I(a) M POSSIBLE”

This is repeated or stated as an institutionalized slogan than an inspired truth;

Feeling thrilled over a mere intellectual acknowledgement of ‘nothing is impossible’ and repeating  it like a parrot seems a bit odd; sometimes irritating too.

There seems to be a delusion over this word;
and a feeling of guilt is inadvertently planted in mind’s of people that
to say impossible is wrong, nay a crime.

This is far from truth.

It is not wrong to acknowledge and accept a few as impossible.
It is not wrong to admit something is impossible according to you.
There is no need for everything to become possible in your life.
Even what you want to have and that seems impossible at that time, it is ok to acknowledge and carefully weigh the ways of making it happen than rushing to get hyped(deluded) by any motivational methods .

Nothing is possible
I am doing NOTHING many a times.


Fool’s attitude

sokasthaana saharaani bayasthaana sathaani cha !

dhivasae dhivasae mootamaavisanthi na panditham!

Meaning :
Thousand reasons to feel worried,
hundred reasons to feel the fear – happens only in a fool.

The wise remains untouched.