ஆற்றின் வருந்தா வருத்தம்   பலர் நின்று

போற்றினும் பொத்துப்படும்
/குறள் 47- 468/


பொருள் : தக்க முறையில் முயலாத முயற்சி பலர் உதவி செய்தாலும் தோல்வியைத் தரும்

Meaning :  Effort  not taken in the right way with right spirit will invariably fail even if many come to support the process.
This indicates the need for self effort with focus & proper attitude .



What is special about NLP?

What is special about NLP?



NLP by itself is very special in that NLP recognizes you as a whole intact person.
NLP treats every individual as unique.
NLP says you don’t need to compare & you don’t need to compete with anyone.
We all know of ‘Hare-Tortoise Story’.
The hare though in its capacity to run faster lost in race.
The tortoise was not running slowly;
it was running faster at its ability.
So it could avail the opportunity that day to gain victory.
NLP here says the reason for tortoise’s victory is “RESOURCEFULNESS”
Yes NLP says ‘people don’t lack resources, people lack resourceful state’
1. NLP helps you to be resourceful to give your best shot.
This NLP does with a special way of dealing with thinking.
While every other discipline of personal development deals with a subject for thinking, NLP deals with the very substance of thinking for personal development.
Yes by altering the structure of thinking NLP alters the quality of experience.
Thus NLP produces lasting changes in the ‘mind-set’ of people that too with less strain, that too in funny creative ways.
2. NLP does not ask you to share your secrets
By this I mean what I mean is NLP does not ask you to narrate the whole event again in order to understand you for effecting expected changes.
NLP focuses on the process of getting desired ‘outcome’ than knowing the content.
So the client/subject who is already embarrassed by the event need not pour out to ‘therapist’.
The advantage is confidentiality is maintained and the energy is channelized towards getting the result.
So NLP is a safe way for psychological counseling.

Hence with NLP intervention
1.Your self esteem is restored & reinforced.
2. The sanctity of your privacy is maintained.
With NLP you can become a New Lovable Person.


ASK for Attitude

`When you start asking, the world will start giving’

Does this appear as a tall claim?
Perhaps yes for a cursory reading.
Deeper reflection will reveal the truth of this statement.
Not only when you start asking but as well what you start asking, the world starts giving.
This give and take may not be so simple as that of a barter system easy to transact easy to exchange.
Yet in the `me vis-a-vis world’ context every `my life’ has a deeper and stronger connection with the `universal life’.
Everyday in everyway we give something to the world and proportionately start getting from the world.
In your giving what you ask for, the world starts giving.
Only you decide the price of your giving.
The value of your giving is evaluated by one factor called your SELF ESTEEM.

Self-Esteem is not determined by the world outside of you.
The world outside does not ask questions about the authenticity of your self-esteem; does not ask proof for the veracity of your conviction on yourself.
It simply accepts and starts giving proportionately.
Is it not wonderful that you are given the freedom to fix your value?
It is wonderful. Yet the issue lies therein.
Self-Esteem is nurtured and fortified by this one inseparable factor called your ATTITUDE.
Like ground water silently nourishing the roots of a tree attitude nourishes and strengthens SELF ESTEEM.

For example the petrol boy had the attitude and thus the esteem of an entrepreneur and so consistently he worked his way up to become the leading industrialist in India.
Shri Dhirubai Ambani asked for greater position from the world and the universal life gave the same.

The humble boy from Rameshwaram in South of India gave more to universal life with a high esteem and thus became the honorable president of India.
Dr.Abdul Kalam has the appropriate attitude.

Hence your attitude determines your altitude.

ASK is Attitude Skill Knowledge.

80% attitude + 15% skill + 5% knowledge = 100% success.

How to develop right attitude?

Simple steps

  1. Wake up in the morning. Stand before the mirror. Salute the person facing you.
  2. Then turn around. Greet the world sending good wishes.
  3. Say aloud `today is a great day. I make the most of this day’.
  4. Give your best in this day. Ask only for the best.
  5. When you retire at night say` I wake up to a brighter tomorrow’.

Walk courageously and expectantly to a brighter tomorrow.

Start asking, the world starts giving.

Life is Living In Full Enthusiasm.


Attitude: You Are It’s Due

Sage Narad was on his way to meet Lord Vishnu. En-route he was accosted by a rishi doing penance. The rishi requested sage Narad to confirm with Lord Vishnu when he would get the fruits of his penance. The sage promised to do so. On his way further, another rishi approached Sage Narad with the same request. Narad promised him too.

After his meeting with Lord Vishnu the sage was returning. One rishi with all anxiety enquired what the reply was. Thereupon the sage said, “Oh Rishi! Count the number of leaves of this tree under which you are doing penance. That many years will take for you to reap benefits of your penance.”

“Still so many years to go? Oh god! What a long wait!’’ grumbling so, the rishi deserted the place abandoning tapasya. Narad gave the same reply to the other rishi who was all curious. To Narad’s surprise the rishi started dancing out of joy. The rishi profusely thanked Narad for conveying the good news and also expressed his gratitude to god. Narad enquired what made him rejoice when the other rishi was repulsive to the same answer.

The all glee rishi said, “Oh wise sage! For two reasons I celebrate now. One is that it is now confirmed that my penance is to fructify. The second reason is that it is no indefinite wait. Precisely after how many years I am going to get the fruits of my penance is now known’’.

ATTITUDE shapes destiny
The moral of the story is that it is not what happens in life but what you do with what happens in life that shapes the outcome of any event in life. What we do with what happens is a matter of attitude. The benefit from the outcome of our effort is based on the appropriateness or inappropriateness of our attitude.
A person with a positive attitude says, GOOD MORNING GOD!’ A person with a negative attitude says, “Oh my God it’s morning”. Like it or not, life is a ceaseless reflection of our attitude every moment. Looking back at your life you will find that all your past successes and failures were the resultant of your attitude then. Attitude is the anvil on which your life is shaped; destiny is designed.

ATTITUDE is not a skill
The dictionary meaning of attitude is ‘a way of thinking, behaving, and feeling’ Attitude is mental poise; a matter of conviction; a simple declaration to yourself. Attitude is not an objective skill you can employ at your will Attitude is a subjective determinant of the consequences of every event of your life

Attitude of Gratitude – Count your blessings. Immaterial of the magnitude, feel proud of your achievements and comforts of your life. Celebrate life for the opportunities it provides. Express gratitude to God for His Blessings.
Attitude of Desire – Desire for success, wealth and prosperity. Desire to live life in full glory. Desire for abundance and accomplishments. Desire for your contributions to life. Desire not only to take care of your life but your family and society as well is an enlightened desire. Desire is the propulsion for action.

Attitude of Positivism – HOPE is Happenings Of Positive Expectation. Develop an attitude of positive expectation from life. Believe tomorrow is always bright. Look only for the best; seek only the best; expect only the best. You will be amazed life always gives you the best. Your creative channels open up. Infinite possibilities open up. You are sure to get a sense of accomplishment; find meaning and purpose to life.

LIFE is Living In Full Enthusiasm