(In the words of Swami Vivekananda)

(Thanks to Sri Ramakrishna Thapovanam, Thirupparaithurai for this compilation)

  • Arise! Awake! and stop not till the goal is reached
  • Bless men when they revile you
  • Conquer yourself and the whole universe is yours
  • Do not merely endure, be unattached
  • Eat to Him, drink to Him, sleep to Him, see Him in all
  • First get rid of this delusion,” Iam the body’
  • Give everything and look for no returns
  • Homogeneity, sameness is GOD
  •  Incarnations like Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna can give religions
  • Jnana –Yoga tells man that he is essentially divine
  • Knowledge exists, man only discovers
  • Look at the ocean and not at the wave
  • Man as Atman is really free, as man he is bound
  • Never turn back to see the result of what you have done
  • Out of purity and silence comes the word of power
  • Perception is our only real knowledge or religion
  • Quarrels over religion are always over the husks
  • Religion without philosophy runs into superstition
  • See no difference between ant and angel
  • The more our bliss is within, the more spiritual we are
  • Unchaste imagination is as bad as unchaste action
  • Vedas cannot show you Brahman, You are already that.
  • We are human coverings over the Divine
  • Xs anything is poison
  • You are good but be better
  • Zeal with faith(Shraddha); have this everything will follow