The truth about NLP certificate

Often I hear from enquirers to me “will you give a certificate?’ esp. freelance soft-skill trainers insist on certificate;

when I ask them for the reason for certificate, their claim is they stand to gain more opportunities for training with a certificate in NLP..

I wish their claim were true.

In the last 8 year of my claim to be a Master Practitioner of NLP, I have not got any assignment because I hold a certificate; none has asked for my certificate to verify my claim.

In the process of my serious learning of the wisdom of NLP I am issued a certificate also.   
I give certificate to those who insist on certificate whereas I focus more on sharing in the best possible way the effectiveness of NLP and make the participant apply the principles of NLP for effective living.

I want to share here the truth about ‘CERTIFICATE’
It is the fact that there is no regulatory body to offer a standardized course for imparting NLP Skill.
There is no standard syllabus to qualify a person undergoing NLP training as NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer or Master Trainer

The certificates issued as ‘CERTIFIED’ NLP practitioner or ‘CERTIFIED’ NLP Master Practitioner are more a mere certification for participation guaranteeing that the claimant has undergone  NLP training course for a particular number of days with the certificate issuing organization or its affiliate.
There are a number of training companies affiliated to an organization in UK/USA claiming authenticity based on ‘’direct disciple/ descendants’ of original founders of NLP; and also the claim ‘the only approved certifying body’.

The NLP courses are good and effective if only the participant makes good out of the course and simply having undergone a NLP course does not make a person effective with NLP.

My suggestion to seekers of NLP wisdom is to set an outcome for your NLP learning and focus more on internalization of the skills of NLP than clamoring for certificate

Indeed NLP is effective and NLP can make you a New Lovable Person.
It’s how you make it.