what am I up to?

What am I up to?

This question hits people half way.

For some this question completely turns their life around. 
For some this question baffles and paralyses.

What am I upto?

When de we ask this question?

·         When we do not know the direction of our work stream,

·         when we do not get the result that we want,

·         when the expected outcome seems to be far-fetched,

·         when  we feel fatigued over unproductive dull routine

·         when we don’t get the recognition that we want

·         when we are overwhelmed with current assignment

Some are really blessed to have been tied to settled pattern and they simply and happily go through the motion till the last without even thinking about what next.

Yet many who are into a process of achieving a specific outcome and want it to happen soon get this intriguing question at some point.

What we do then?

If you are committed to getting what you want, then this question allows you to take inventory of what you have been doing, reexamine the current methodology and amend ways of doing to getting what you want.

If you are one who does by initial momentum then chances are that you take rest awhile to consider resuming later if the work still gives hints of hope.

If you are dragging thus far and suddenly you hit this question , chances are you drop altogether what you have been doing so far.

Life gives choices

Nothing is guaranteed in life.
Nothing is promised for eternity.
Nothing lasts forever.
Nothing comes along with us all along.

It is the interesting part and also the frustrating part. This is the paradox of life.
We seek permanence in a world of impermanence.
Life does not dictate or command of us. Life is not accountable to us. We are accountable to life.

What is it that we are going to offer to life is what matters more than what we get from life,

We are given a chance to travel on earth for life time without any charge.

We are given a chance and choice to make the journey in the way we want it.  

It is a matter of choice, every day choice;

We choose every moment what to happen in our life.

Like it or not this is the fact. You are given choices.

Prudence lies in choosing what does well to you and to those around you.  

Persevere or suffer  

Those who have been intrigued by this question reaffirm their conviction and reassure their faith in the system and make suitable amendments to the process and persevere till they get the result.

They re-frame this question as an opportunity to set right the course of action according changing trends and adapt the methodology lest they may become obsolete.

Products and organizations that were busy with immediate activity without long term perspective became obsolete in the process and faded away.

Organizations that keep asking time to time ‘what am I upto?” is alert to changing trends and stay alive and grow.

“Expansion is life Contraction is death”   says Swami Vivekananda.

To expand grow in life this question becomes very important.

Hence next time when you hit upon this question,
“What am I up to?”
what answer will you give?