OVERVIEW of VRnlp courses

Don’t run behind NLP courses; we make NLP reach you.

Why VRnlp ? What is special about VRnlp course while many offer NLP courses?

NLP is not just a course that ends with completion. Your life & ongoing learning with NLP begins only after you complete a course.
The real benefit of NLP Is derived only if you internalize the ingredients of NLP.

This can happen if the principles are habituated to put into practice.VRnlp has designed the course helping participants to internalize the principles of NLP

  • VRnlp does not want the participants to simply parade through a set of techniques in a week long course
  • VRnlp’s NLP practitioner course is well partitioned into week end class (you don’t have to take leave)
  • VRnlp has designed NLP course in the most convenient way.
  • VRnlp has well structured the modules to understand & appreciate the immediate relevance of NLP to everyday life.
  • VRnlp has well spaced the classes enabling the opportunity to practice in between.

Equally you don’t have to pay whole lot in one go & just complete a certification.

VRnlp has designed practitioner course into 3 parts NLP personal, NLP Interpersonal & NLP Integration.

Once you complete these 3 parts you become a certified NLP Practitioner.

Other NLP courses by VRnlp

  • NLP Language Pattern workshop, (Managers, Professionals Counselors hypnotists, Therapist)
  • NLP for Therapy, (only for counseling)
  • NLP for Managerial Effectiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence with NLP,(for emotional people)
  • 7 habits with NLP ( for senior executives Entrepreneurs Professionals)
  • Many More customized NLP courses for corporate.

We just don’t teach NLP to you . We make NLP reach you!!

Enroll to experience NLP!!!