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Internationally Recognized NLP Practitioner Courses

International Association of Counselors & Therapist, Florida USA

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The power of NLP is appreciated by sport stars, business icons, corporate companies and educationists world over.
Corporate houses in their training schedule have begun to include NLP training.
People who look for Leadership training, soft skill training and also aspiring trainers, look for best nlp course.
They take up best NLP Coaching, undergo NLP training, enroll for NLP practitioner courses.
For very effective SALES TRAINING there are special modules in NLP
More people in India nowadays attend NLP training to become better than the best;
in fact NLP practitioner training in India is well gaining ground.
Different schools of NLP offer in different ways.
NLP has drawn heavily from hypnosis.
There is nothing to fear about hypnosis.
In fact hypnosis relies on our right brain.
Dr Milton Erickson, the foremost hypnotherapist greatly influenced the founders of nlp
Some schools of NLP teach Hypnosis as a base for nlp learning.
Some schools of NLP focus more on business practitioner module with less emphasis on explicit hypnotic inductions or hypnotism practices
Each school has its philosophy and thought process.
Every school of NLP is valid from the angle of NLP learning & gaining expertise.
Many international masters visit India for NLP practitioner training.
There is also a craving search for certification programs of NLP.
NLP Practitioner Certification in India is in great need.
Best part is certification or no certification NLP training course or workshop is always very effective.
More than NLP certificate, it is NLP expertise which is important.

You can also Now Learn Practice NLP to be at your best always.

Customised NLP courses are offered by VRNLP school of NLP training &  NLP coaching;
VRNLP training is now widening its base from Chennai to all major metros in India.
We conduct  NLP training and counseling in Bangalore.
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In short VRNLP helps you to realize your potential and tap it to lead life in a fulfilling way.
“We dont teach NLP; we make you experience NLP”


One of the greatest discoveries of the last century in the field of human psychology is NLP ; NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming.

With the advent of NLP not only the field of Psychotherapy but the entire gamut of human adventure started seeing the field of possibilities from an empowering angle.


  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming aka NLP is the psychology of human excellence

  • NLP is both a science& art.

  • NLP is the science of understanding the power of subconscious mind & the art of tapping its power

  • NLP believes success in life need not come through hard work only

  • NLP believes success is easily possible by intelligent imagination

  • NLP gives tools to bring to reality this imagination for one’s progress & growth

  • NLP training workshops give these tools

  • NLP practioner courses are sought after these days because NLP has Do-It-Yourself methods

  • NLP brings the desired change swiftly & effectively, that too in funny creative ways

  • NLP training makes you a New Lovable Person

  • NLP certification course or workshop is training to be at your best

NLP Programs

  • NLP Practitioner Certification program ( public program)
  • NLP for Managerial Effectiveness( for corporate)
  • NLP Language Patterns ( for NLP Prcatitioners)
  • NLP for Sales( for corporate)

Life Skill Training

  • Communication mastery
  • Assertiveness
  • Team building
  • Time management
  • Emotional mastery
  • Leadership skills

Corporate Training

  • Accountability
  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Negotiation skills
  • Managerial Effectiveness
  • Personal & interpersonal effectiveness


  • Excellent presentation of showing similarity  dumbfounded me… amazing show of similarity between thirukural and Neuro-Linguistic Programme by Mr. V Ranga Nathan. wow

    • Vijay Bala , corporate trainer

    Vijay Bala Corporate trainer
  • “His flexible and simplified communication with clarity in delivery and reach to the audience impressed me. I highly recommend his NLP program & Life skill program. “
    – D Karthikeyan, Operations Manager

    D Karthikeyan Operations Manager
  • I have been doing exercises to stimulate creative part of brain; its really very useful; The best take away for me is Palm technique ( V A K Pattern break) I have been using it often to keep me moving. Also I did my first workshop on PRESENTATION SKILLS . NLP helped me to deliver the session with a lot of confidence. Thank you Sir

    Raghul Shyam Ravi Business Analyst
  • I attended Neuro Linguistic program workshop conducted by VRnlp. Mr. Ranganathan is a thorough professional and a master in NLP. He used every single opportunity to train us and his continuing support to help us learn is amazing”

    – Saraswathi Shanmugaraja, Trainer at TUV SUD South Asia
  • I have attended a number of NLP programs. Only after attending your program, I have come to know the real benefit of NLP and I have come to know now actual NLP – Sai Sri , Industrialist, Chennai

    Sai Sri, Induatrialist Chennai
  • ஐயா ! அக்.2 வெற்றிக்கு 3 எழுத்து என்.எல்.பி பயிற்சி என்னை வெகுவாக மாற்றியிருக்கிறது. இப்போ நான் வாழ்க்கையை ’எஞ்சாய்’ செய்கிறேன். உள்வழி என்.எல்,பி உத்தி மிகவும் சுவாரஸ்யமாக இருக்கிறது. பல மாற்றங்களை உணர்கிறேன். அருமையான பயிற்சி. சரியான பயிற்றுனரிடம் என்.எல்.பி கற்றுக்கொண்டுள்ளேன் என்பது மகிழ்ச்சி.

    ( your one day NLP session has been very useful to me; I now enjoy every moment; there is a whole lot of change in me; I am happy I ahve learnt NLP from the riight master) Sri Balan, Railway Official

    திரு பாலன், இரயில்வே அதிகாரி
  • Dear Sir,
    Excellent feedback about your Assertiveness session for our Superintendent Engineers on 23 Aug 2013 .Everybody realized their role and the importance of assertiveness. Thank you for making this program a grand success

    Srinivasan TNEB
  • வெற்றிக்கு 5 வாசல் NLP வழியில் is a treasure for me. I keep refering to your book as when I do programs in Tamil. I have also prepared a presentation in Tamil on NLP based on your work. You have given it in an easily understandable language.

    Mr Arasu Shanmugasundaram, Freelance Corporate Trainer VALUE PLUS
  • Your book in Tamil on NLP வெற்றிக்கு 3 எழுத்து – NLP It is a very informative book sir. I really enjoyed it. You really made NLP easily understandable to non-NLPians too. Iam expecting more like this from you.

    Dr Kabilan Chanakya, Hypnotherapist
  • I have not seen any one who has stretched their wings as far as NLP on one side and spiritual regional scriptures on other side! Your page on Subhashitham is real engaging!! It looks like so much work has been done by you in this field of training!!! Truly legendary!! Wish you greatness as always as you are!!

    Ashok Subramanian, NLP Master Trainer SHINOTA Consulting
  • I know how powerful you are in your communication and your metallic voice with apposite modulation and expression support you very much in your training.

    Ganesh Ramachandran Life Improvement Mind Engineering
  • ‘Relevance of NLP for Personal Effectiveness’ – the feedback for your session is fantastic.
    People felt your presentation was down to earth.
    We wish to have one more extended program soon.
    /11 July 2012/

  • Sir, Today I finalized the biggest deal in my business successfuly without my Dad’s support.
    I am thrilled.
    All the credit goes to you.
    Thanks for sharing the magic of NLP

    Poonguntran Businessman, Chennai
  • V Ranganathan is a flamboyant trainer.
    I greatly appreciate his expertise in NLP.
    I was a witness to an event in a training prgram where with NLP intervention he made a shy inhibited person to address a forum in a matter of minutes.
    The ease with which he relevemtly quotes from Tamil & spiritual literature when explaining concepts is appealing to me.
    He has a flair for training.

    K M Padhmanabhan, Director Prerna Education Media Pvt Ltd
  • “Very dedicated and full of zest, that was Ranganathan during our interaction during NLP..” May 3, 2010

    LATHA B N Student, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • “Ranganathan has a lot of qualities worth emulating: his undeviating focus on the work he undertakes, his capacity to instantly grasp what is told to him, and a natural skill for fluent communication and of course, his training skills, which is of a superior quality….” July 12, 2011

    ANAND KRISHNA Alchemy Consultants
  • we had an wonderful opportunity to attend your classes in Andaman March 5 – March 9, 2012 on STRESS MANAGEMENT.
    We are all indebted to you for having given us workable inspirations to over come the hurdles we face in our official life.
    you taught us all the things we know and do today.
    Teachers are the instructors, trainers, tutors, coaches, lecturers and professors, from the kindergarten to the university.
    But our experience with you is different. you were not only a teacher. You remain to be a good friend even after we left the training and till date it continues. You explained how to search for the logic behind every statement and argument. You demonstrated to us in many ways how to approach problems and solve them. We remember you whenever we make mistakes and commit errors. Sometimes, when we are depressed you are always there to motivate us with sweet words of encouragement.

    Badrasamy. C. Deputy Conservator of Forests/Regional Manager, Tamilnadu Forest Plantation Corporation
  • I wanted to thank you for yesterday’s session( 11 JULY 2012) ‘Relevance of NLP for personal effectiveness’ That was one among the wonderful sessions I attended so far

  • Your training at Andaman Port Blaire is of immense use and all the participants have been very much enligtened with your presentations on the concept and practice of Team Management and Iam sure that I will practice all your training inputs into action and derive the best from my team and demonstrate corporate excellence

    S.Sithivinayakam.Chief Manager IOB Regional Office Coimbatore INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK
  • I now fully believe the responsibilty is mine to make my life smoother rather than blaming situation or people. I feel empowered after attending Mind Management Program today 1 Sep 2012 The parallels you draw from Tamil literarure is amazing.

    UMAMAHESHWARAN, Reasearch Centre Shasun Group
  • The program on MIND MANAGEMENT is really beneficial to me; I can now share the insights gained in the session with my son and help him to study better. Thanks you have made it very simple.

    Jayaraman, Research Associate ShaSun Group
  • Your training on TEAM MANAGEMENT at Port Blaire Andaman organised by National Productivity Council from 10th Sep to 14 Sep 2012 was very useful to me. It was very thought provoking.I have gained a lot.Thanks.

    M Ravi, Chief Manager Central Office Chennai Indian Overseas Bank
  • ”The workshop on Metamodel on 6th MAY 2012 was very informative and the practical exercises helped me to have more clarity on the subject. I was wondering how you would spend the whole day on this subject. At the end, it looked like even one full day was not enough. I enjoyed the whole day of the workshop.

    As usual, you were at your best both in the flow of language you spoke as well as the subject.” 14 May 2012

    Mr Jayapal, Co-Founder & Trainer NEW LIFE CATALYST
  • “Sri Ranganathan & me were trainers for a college programme and have seen him in a couple of TV shows too (Interviews). He’s got amazing knowledge in different fields. Very good NLP trainer, also has a natural sense of humour. He has been an excellent guide for a number of people on life skills.” July 30, 2011

    Yoga Vinod, Yoga Therapist, Management & Soft skills trainer
  • “A very powerful down-to-earth Trainer who always believes in the efficacy of training. His training programs will have thrust peppered with humor and he means always what he says. I wish him continuous success in his endeavors.” November 1, 2011

    Ganesh Ramachandran, Manager- Admin DCW
  • I am really happy to be a participant of your first Meta-model workshop on 15th April 2012.. Eventhough I am already aware of meta-model i was not able to use it because of its complexity and the lack of practice in usual NLP workshops.
    But you made it more simpler & easy to use. We had lots of practical exercise resembling real-life situation to make it more understandable. To my knowledge no one ever tried to simplify it, as you have done now and also made non-NLPians to get benefit from it. Thank u sir, iam looking forward to do some repeats and refresh my studies.

    Dr Kabilan Chanakya, Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Reiki Master, Trainer
  • Mr Ranganathan is a person who wishes to grow by helping others to grow. He demonstrates his principle ” CARE SHARE PROSPER”

    D Padmanabhan, Motivatioal Trainer
  • SMART – This comes first to my mind once I think about Ranganathan. The ease with he explains NLP principles is really captivating.

    Dr Sabesan, Director COACHING FEDERATION of INDIA
  • I find Ranganathan living in the present with great presence of mind; what amazes me is he has an answer for every query. His sincerity is what touches me.

    V Jayaraman Ex-IBM
  • If there is one word, then you have a very high level of “Commitment” towards what you do (I did not say “Work” because i believe you are one of those few people I have met who love what they do and hence you no more work in your life 🙂

    Vasanth T P Training consultant
  • V Ranganathan’s presence of mind and spontaneity is amazing. I have attended a number of his programs. He is able to very cogently present the subject involving participants. Best Part according to me is his style of answering questions & clarifying doubts. His strength lies here.

    Gowri Balasubramaniam CTS
  • Thanks for your detailed &wonderful session on Metamodel- Language Pattern of NLP on 15th April 2012. It is helping me in my therapy & counselling session

    HEMALATHA SWAMINATHAN Image Consultant&Coach-4swithin
  • I would like to thank you for your wonderful 3 hour intense session on “Influential Leadership” held on 4th June 2011. It was a professional experience for our managers.

    Ms Vidya Rajan Manager HR Phaeros IT India
  • He is one of those rare breed of trainers who doesn’t sell himself or his product, as the need doesn’t rise at all. One session would make all the difference. People serious about training can get maximum benefits interacting with Mr Ranganathan. I would vouch for him for any corporate behavioral & HR intervention.

    Sriram Nataraj, Head – Business Operations & Training Good Relations Consultants Pvt Ltd December 20, 2010
  • I am happy to say you (Ranganathan) are instrumental for our success in this MORD Govt Scheme to provide employment to under-privileged rural youths.

    Mr Iyyamperumal, MD, CSC Computer Education
  • Mr V Ranganathan is one trainer who is live & vibrant on the floor. His energy level is amazing. He belongs to those rare breed of trainers who adapt to audience. His proficiency in English & Tamil is amazing.
    I would say he has well understood NLP and his book on NLP in Tamil is excellent, written in a lucid style & in a easy to understand format.

  • A few sittings with Mr. Ranganathan have made a sea of change within me that I see the world now from an empowering angle and a whole lot of possibilities of growth I see now.

    Shripriya Srininvasan, Manager Scope, Chennai

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