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I share here a very simple formula to get almost anything you want in life

Why I say ‘almost anything’ and not a straight declaration of ‘anything’ is due to the simple fact of life which is ‘Universal Law of Order’

Universe is ready to grant whatever we wish for. Yes to go by Paulo Coelho in Alchemist  “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe will conspire so that your wish comes true.”

At the same time the universe will not blindly obey to your dictates. While the universe will oblige to your request it will respond based on the existing order of its functioning in order to maintain balance & harmony in the world. So what you ask for may not come to you within the time frame you urge. If you don’t get within your time frame it may mean to you that you are denied & you may conclude you have not got. So I said ‘almost anything’

While there is a delay it does not mean denial. Universe does give surely.

If you can read the word UNIVERSE as 4 syllable  you(U)  and (NI    Verse,  it means you & I – we are tied by the same verse .

Also UNIverse can be broken to 2 syllable UNI VERSE, which means the world is tied by a single verse; that single verse is ‘HARMONY’

The universe self-adjusts itself to maintain harmony & balance

In accordance with this law of universe &its grant, I share with you a very powerful yet simple formula to get almost anything in life without losing hope & patience; at the same time be open to receiving the fulfillment of your wish.


The formula is  “I S.E.E.K “

I is Intention

Intention counts in life.

Intention influences behavior.

Intensity of intention influences the degree of focus effort & result

Energy flows in the direction of focus.

Strong intention sets in motion unseen powers to work for us to manifest our desire.

The universe responds to ‘Intention’

Intend from the depth of our being that you want ‘it’

Say I intend getting it


S is Subconscious Communication

Subconscious communication here means self talk

Keep affirming to you that you are getting what you want at appropriate time as per universal order

The benefit of this subjective communication is it wards of sneaking doubt & disbelief and reinforces hope & certainty

Say within

“The universe takes care of all my needs;

I get what I want at the appropriate time in the appropriate way;

I fully believe the unfailing power of the universe.

Whatever I want comes my way in the perfect way

All my needs are fulfilled at the perfect time in the perfect way”

Subjective communication keeps fire of intention burning


E is Expectation

Your energy to pursue the process of getting what you want will be proportionate to your degree of expectation of the result If you expect to get what you want you will surely move towards getting what you want.
Being in a state of great anticipation will fuel the process of getting what you want

Expect only the best to happen

Expect only the positive result

Expect Expect Expect

You are sure to get


E is Excitement

Whatever you are sure to get must excite you

Anytime you think of the outcome or result of your action, you must feel excited.

Experience within the thrill of the fulfillment of your want.

When you really get what you want how will feel, what will you see then, what will you hear about your achievement

This excitement is the secret to urge the universe to grant soon what you want

The UNIVERSE understands your feelings and responds proportionately.

Enthusiasm is infectious & contagious. Be excited.


K is Kindness

Being kind to you is very important

Kindness here I mean being kind to you.

Why being kind is important?

Because most often when we fail to get what we want we jump to conclusion that we are useless, we don’t deserve good things, we are a cursed lot and we become critical of our merit

Self-criticism is no solution for disappointment or failure.

Forgive yourself in case you are aware of any folly you made;

Forgive your mistakes & move on

No matter what happens there is always a future waiting for us to face.

People who want to succeed in life do not sit to count their failures or regrets.

Kind feeling attracts positive energy and cooperates with universal force.

Anger fear & frustration block positive energy to flow in & through you

So be kind to yourself


Universe will seek

If you apply this I S E E K formula the universe will definitely seek you to fulfill your wish.

LIFE is Living In Full Enthusiasm


“If you SEEK me, I SEEK you” says the UNIVERSE


So say   I S E E K