Integrate NLP

NLP is not a study material

Only this 3 letter word NLP fascinates people, not even the full name Neuro-Linguistic Program.

People enroll for NLP course; go through the motion of the training.

During the process of participating in activities of the NLP course where a lot of work is about going within, seeing within, hearing within, people who are more accustomed to ‘intellectualizing’ ‘analyzing’ verbalizing feel a disconnect because of the nature of NLP exercise and so rush to conclude that ‘this is more now a fiction of imagination and may be it now gives a feel good factor and perhaps it may give result some time later’ and so bundle up NLP as something they will take it up later.

To these’ intellectuals’ the program is not ‘lively’.  So it is just a game of chance for them to really look into the essence of NLP.

Interestingly there is also another type of participants who  blindly repose faith in the efficacy of NLP and so take the training so seriously that they take the subject as a sacred text of study and rigidly remain within the frame of reference given in the training. They don’t budge.  They just go by the book.

They take up NLP exercise as a matter of ritual and desire to impose rules to practice NLP

NLP to them becomes a fixed routine of activity like walking listening to music or mundane routines of bathing & eating.  These people see NLP as something to be done.

Invariably the initial enthusiasm dampens after a week or so and they miss out the ‘NLP work out’. This gives them a feeling of guilt and a spark of realization that they have to do something flashes & vanishes on and off.

NLP is not a study; NLP is not just a concept to understand and exchange as in seminars.

NLP is more about what you want to do in life; NLP is not about what you want to do for it.

The ‘trick of the trade’ for NLP learning is curiosity, a child like curiosity; a mere indulgence; indulge in the process; play with the tools of NLP.

More can be learnt if the mind is relaxed; more can be achieved in a non competitive frame of mind.

The beauty of NLP is it starts with your experience, it talks about your experience & it concludes with your experience; your feedback about your experience is your learning.

NLP is something what you do within you, what you do to you, what you learn from the experience.

Real purpose of NLP learning is to increase your awareness, awareness of what is going on within you awareness of what is going on around you.

Become of aware of what you are doing, how you are doing, what you want ;
then NLP will follow like  tail wagging faithful dog

NLP is more than its techniques and tools

NLP is more than just a study

NLP is way of life

So internalize the principles of NLP

Integrate NLP.

With NLP you truly become a New Lovable Person


I  C A N

I CAN is a very powerful statement

I CAN sends message of confidence conviction & the drive to make ‘it’ possible by sheer will or power or faith

Even a casual utterance of I CAN can have a magical consequence of energizing our psyche.

I CAN is positive thinking;

I CAN is possibility thinking;

I CAN is solution focused thinking.

Interestingly this I CAN can make you an icon in your field.


If you can understand what each letter stands for and appreciate the significance of each of this letter, you can surely become an icon .

We will now discuss the significance of each of the letters in I C A N


I is Imagine

Imagination is not just an illusion; It is not a flight of fantasy.

Imagination is the process of mind’s functioning.

When we say thinking we think in terms of pictures, sounds and feelings.

Imagination keeps on happening consciously or unconsciously.

If thinking relates to past it is remembering.

If thinking relates to future it is imagination.

Though imagination is about future, the process of imagination is happening in the present.

Hence imagination influences our present behavior & our response to future event.

Therefore it is important to be aware of what we imagine.

The only nation where we are free to do anything we want is imagination.

Use this power of imagination for best possible outcome.

Imagine only success; achievement; This will impress your thinking to mobilizing your mental energy to reach success

In fact brain does not know the difference between real & imagination

Whatever the mind of man can conceive & believe, the brain takes it on the face of it and starts working accordingly.

It is important to imagine only the expected result,

It is important to see as a mental movie what must happen as already happened in you &
you are enjoying the fruits of labor;

This is more than Pygmalion effect;

A visualized goal energizes mental muscles to bring to fruition the desired result

IMAGINATION is reality under construction.

Imagine success!

Imagine positive outcome!

Imagine you are getting what you want & say I CAN



“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality” said Abraham Lincoln

Commitment is  total dedication to a cause.

When challenges & difficulties surface on the way only a committed heart will focus on finding solution;
meek & halfhearted will wallow in despondency & defeat.

Commitment is giving all that you have to attain all that you want.

Commitment means staying loyal to what you say.

Commitment is not a vague promise.

Commitment is focusing without choice.

Commitment is certainty in thought.

Commitment is unflinching attitude.

Commitment is something you live.

Everything is you do is an expression of commitment;

Nothing great ever was achieved without an abiding commitment

So commit to the cause you strive for & say I CAN


A is Affirm

Affirmation is a self declaration of what one believes to be true.

It is conviction expressed in words; conviction expressed through action.

An affirmative statement is a statement of reinforcement to encourage & motivate oneself to keep doing till success is achieved

“I succeed & grow”

“I believe I complete the task successfully”


“I am optimistic & enthusiastic”

“I am able to create unlimited abundance”

“Day by day in every way I become better & better & better” ( Emile Coue)

What you say in you is a self-fulfilling prophesy

Keep saying within statements that reinforce your faith in achieving what you want to get surely.

Write in a note book regularly;

Keep muttering like mantra.

Affirm to achieve & say I CAN


N is Never give up

Discipline & determination is what marks the difference between those who succeed & those who invite failure.

There is no high way to success; there is no privilege zone for success;

In fact success is never guaranteed to anyone beforehand.

It is the grit within that gives the grip to the wheels on the way to achieving the goal.

Trials tribulations mark the way; uncertainties, unexpected twist, unforeseen blocks threaten us from proceeding further.

A determined person turn the scars into stars.

Difficulties are viewed as opportunities for growth

“When the going gets tough only the tough get going” says Robert Schuller

Never give up & say I CAN


So friends I CAN is not just a declaration

I CAN has in it the process of I CAN

I CAN has in it what makes you say I CAN

I is Imagination

C is Commitment

A is Affirmation

N is Never give up

The fire in your desire makes a mole of a mountain of difficulties while
the ice in your fear makes a mountain of a mole of problems.



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