NLP needs SAI

NLP needs SAI

NLP aka Neuro Linguistic Psychology needs S A I .

The name SAI is popular in India and S A I is worshipped as God equivalent;
hence naturally readers may immediately feel strange to find S A I is associated with NLP.

There is very much connection between these two 3 letters — NLP & S A I

Our 5 senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting are the input channels for information from outside world into us.  In other words we process all information through our senses.

So to the extent we become sharp in sensing the world by increasing our sensory acuity we enrich our information from the world and we have more choice to respond.

The whole aim of NLP is to make us aware of what is going on inside us and outside us.
To be aware is to be awake to what is going on inside and observing it non judgmentally.

Awareness helps to align with our core being.
The moment you become aware your organism takes care for cure. Awareness cures.


Imagination rules the world. Imagination makes things happen. All new creations are an outcome of imagination. Imagination finds new ways of doing & being.

NLP says to the extent you are able to play with your inner senses you are able to re-create your reality and open possibilities of change and growth.

NLP says success need not come through hard work only; success can come through crazy funny imagination. NLP tools facilitate our brain to create new neural pathways by a variety permutation combination of senses.

Hence to succeed with NLP you require these 3 letters S – A – I
S A I is Sensitivity, Awareness, Imagination