why the cry to stop try ?

Why the cry to stop try?

There is an evangelical force to discourage someone who says “I will try

In the self-help mall & motivation workshop circle try seems to be a taboo.

In an informal chat one person said he would try. Immediately jumped my trainer friend, “don’t say try. You will not do” He did not stop there. He said with a sense of pride & achievement, in his session if a participant says ‘try’ he will collect spot fine immediately.

Is the word TRY so bad that one should consciously avoid??

Should it be fined because you are not fine with ‘TRY’?

Out of curiosity I tried to refer dictionary to understand the word TRY.

I succeeded in my try to know the meaning of TRY.

According Webster dictionary TRY means

  • to make an effort to do something: to attempt to accomplish or complete something
  • to do or use (something) in order to see if it works or will be successful
  • to do or use (something) in order to find out if you like it

Is making an effort to do something so bad?

Of course not.

Then why the cry to stop saying try?

Because try also come to mean “I am not sure about the gain, let me take a chance if everything is ok”

Try comes to mean euphemistically I may not do

Try comes to mean I am not certain; I don’t promise.

Try comes to mean a non-committal response.

Therefore in order to move away from non-committal response, half- hearted response it is suggested to replace try with the word ‘do’ or ‘attempt’


Now the issue   what has been suggested based on context is now seen as a dictum of sacred text.

The moment someone says “let me try” immediately jumps the workshop junkie to denounce the use of try

Though someone says “let me try” it can be appropriate with sincerest of intention and commitment.

For example someone tries to open a lid unsuccessfully; a friend can come & say ‘let me try

Therefore it is important to take into account the context & tone in which try is uttered.

Next time when you go to a garment showroom and look for readymade don’t denounce when the salesperson says try this size.

TRY is not a bad word to resist.

You are free to use the word try and also you can try alternate words to try

TRY according to me is an acronym

TRY means Total Responsibility Yours


He said, “I am trying”

She said, “Yes you are very trying” 


?Are we getting the result we want by being positive?

Are we getting the result we want by being positive?

Positive thinking is expected to bring in positive result, in other words the expected result.

Does it give expected result all the time if not most of the time for all who carefully nurture positive thoughts despite  failing many times?

What could be the reason? Is it our fault in not having generated enough positive thinking?
 Can we say by the ‘negative’ result that our strategy was not right?

Can we say we are not fortunate enough to get what we want?

Can we say we are a cursed lot to suffer from what we don’t want?

Yes we have the right to conclude in whatever way we want.

All these are only interpretations we make based on the meaning we give to the outcome.

Yet what is the fact? What could be the reason that we don’t get what we want?
We don’t get as we want? We don’t get at the time we want?

Let me give an ‘INTELLIGENT’ answer.

Yes the answer is based on INTELLIGENCE.

We know we have body intelligence which governs the functioning of the body and the body responds & reacts to stimuli from outside; we have automated body functions governed by this intelligence.

Equally we know the world is moving in order; moving in harmony;

There is a larger wisdom that governs the movement of this cosmos and everything happens to maintain the equilibrium in this massive world.

I repeat everything happens to maintain the equilibrium in this massive world.

Hence you life effort, the result of effort – everything is governed based on the law of equilibrium.

Now the tricky question is

– “Some are leading a rich life, how? Some with not so much of ability or expertise seem to be leading a very rewarding life, how? How is it that a person with real talent is languishing in difficulties and does not seem to be in  lime light at all?

These are definitely intriguing questions.

The answer is it is the way the world order has designed.


Let me give an example

How many litres of milk are required to make one kg of butter?  20 litres

How many oranges are required to make one litre of orange juice?  15 oranges

How many flowers must honey bees tap to make one pound of honey? 2 million flowers

How many sperm cells travel to reach embryo though only one is needed to fertilize an egg?

About 500 millions


For one kg butter 20 litres of milk; does it mean major portion of milk is waste?

For just one litre of juice 15 oranges; does that mean the pulp is now a waste?

If just one sperm cell is sufficient then why 500 million in one ejaculation?

Not so,

See the massive effort nature makes to produce a masterpiece!!

It is all a part of nature’s design.


Looking at the world event from that perspective where you and I also form part of it, if people are succeeding marginally or phenomenally which are all relative in comparison, everything happens according to an order.

So if there are celebrities, outstanding achievers, exceptional performers, and crorepathis then they are so because crores of others equally capable, though not drawing money or fame like them, are making them so according to universal order.

Ambanis’ Adanis’ Bill Gates’ are possible because of so many nameless & faceless achievers in their own way but not equally recognized or rewarded like them.

Celebrate life because of you there are outstanding achievers & celebrities as per the design of world order.

The world is a beautiful place to live because you are living!

Keep aspiring! Keep doing! Get going!
Because of you the earth revolves, sun & moon shine, stars twinkle.

 You are the reason because you are complete whole & perfect

You are a miniature moving cosmos.